12 Main Benefits of Print Management

12 Main Benefits of Print Management


Print remains the most effective form of business communication today.

However, it needs to be planned and effectively managed to have real impact.

Our new print management service provides the perfect solution for SME’s in the Worcestershire and West Midlands areas.

So what  are the 12 Main Benefits of Print Management?

The 12 Main Benefits of Print Management

Let’s make something clear – Print Management isn’t for everyone.

It is however, suitable for something like 90% of our clients – the small and medium sized businesses, educational establishments and charities that spend £1000 or more a year on printing.

Print Management is used by most of the largest print buying organisations in the UK for many reasons.

However, these smaller organisations can now benefit from the 12 main benefits of print management.

If you want to reduce risk, save money, reduce administration and improve efficiency – then it is worth investigating now.

These 12 main benefits of print management can be applied across different market sectors, size of organisation, type of printing used and number of support staff.


1. Save Money

Every business, school, public body or charity needs to find ways to save money or improve efficiency.

Print Management is one of the easiest ways to reduce costs – typically by 20% on direct print orders.

At Direct2print we carry out a FREE  PRINT AUDIT on the previous 12 months print spend to identify efficiencies and savings.

We then guarantee to save you 20% on your print costs for the following 12 months.

You have nothing to lose and more than cost savings to gain!

2. Save Time

A great deal of time is wasted searching around for the lowest print prices for commodity printing or to find a specialist printing supplier for bespoke work.

There is no substitute for experience.  We save you time searching for the best suppliers.

We have over 25 years experience at the sharp end of negotiating the best print deals form around the UK and beyond.

This saves you an awful lot of time.

3. Reduce Administration

With just one monthly invoice – print management can reduce administration costs.

The invoice is fully itemised and you have total control over the order process to suit your own operation.

There is no need to pay in advance or get out a debit or credit card – you pay after delivery.

Print Management helps to improve your cash flow as well as your cost control.

4. Reduce Risk

There is nothing worse than getting your print job returned looking nothing like it appeared on your computer screen.

Even if you have a general competency in graphic design – there is a high level of risk and things going wrong in the printing industry.

In over 25 years there isn’t much we haven’t experienced when handling artwork from clients – and just having another check before print has saved some real embarrassments.

We offer free advice and guidance on how to prepare artwork for print.


5. Look Good

We have our own in-house graphic designers to help prepare creative visual content – but only if you need us.

Many small businesses and start-ups don’t have access to designers for their projects.

Without design, there can be no print.

It is a service most of our customers will require at one point or another.

Often they don’t want to use a template that online printers offer.

We offer skilled marketing support – photography, copywriting, graphic design & fulfilment.

6. Control Identity

One of the 10 main benefits of print management is that all digital artwork and marketing collateral is in one place.

Digital files are easy to find for quick re-ordering – an accurate record of when your printing was ordered and where the artwork is located.

Our brand control service is supplied to all print management clients – for all forms of printing processes.

Your visual identity is categorised into either simply Internal or External print or for more complex organisational requirements the 6 “P” categories below:-

  • Printing
  • Packaging
  • Property
  • Point of Sale
  • Personnel
  • Promotions

7. Stock Control

Print management clients get free advice on the most cost effective order quantities and how to manage stock ordering.

Timely reminders are sent when stocks are beginning to get low – so no more real panic re-orders.

We retain records of the previous orders so that new prices are made available quickly – or you can access our own 24/7 online pricing systems.

Print Management generally makes things more efficient for you and improves stock control!

8. Single Point of Contact

You are not dealing with a multi-layered organisation.

You have one single contact – from the initial audit review through to all review meetings and monitoring activity.

What we offer is a very personalised management service – offering a creative input to any activity being planned that relates to print.

Print is no longer an afterthought – we pre-empt problems and put forward practical recommendations.

We help create your marketing campaigns and get more from your print budget.

9. Reward Loyalty

We even find ways to give you some money back after you’ve made savings!

Our unique Loyalty Reward system calculates an annual rebate based upon actual print spend.

It is a great way to get money back even if you are completely satisfied.

The more you spend the more you save.

10. Guaranteed Service

We measure and monitor the service levels and you are asked to complete quick and easy feedback surveys.

The many benefits of print management are also GUARANTEED from Direct2Print – so the key parameters of quality, delivery and service are backed up with a unique guarantee.

This really is a unique benefit – based upon the confidence of providing the highest levels of service for some of the most demanding clients in the UK.

Remember – we introduced our guaranteed service for our online printing service in 2003 which has still not been matched by any other print supplier.

Delivery to  most UK locations within 6 working hours or your money back!

Who else offers this sort of quality?

11. No Contract Agreement

Last but not least – you are not tied into any form of long term contract.

In fact there is no contract at all – your obligation is simply to pay when money is due.

This is a Print Partnership in the true sense of the word.

We become an extension of your own business or organisation.

12. Free Print Audit

So these are the 12 main benefits of Print Management.

There are many other intangible benefits that we can discuss when we meet up.

Your print audit is free of charge and would take up no more than about an hour of your time.

Believe me it will probably be the best decision you make today.

Call me on 0800 0346 007 or contact me online and we will fix a mutually convenient date and time.

The 10 Main Benefits of Print Management

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