Black Friday Printing Offers

Black Friday Printing Offers We are currently in the “silly season” of Black Friday printing offers.

Black Friday is this Friday – the 25th November.

Cyber Monday is the following Monday 28 November.

It has been spread out to almost a week of bombarding clients with news of special promotions.

The fact they are now taking up much of the month of November shows how important they have become.

The large retailers are throwing vast marketing budgets at these “special days” in the commercial calendar.

Many of our clients in the retail and online worlds are much smaller and are having to compete with their own promotions.

In many ways these marketing campaigns can be just as cost-effective.

Printing combines well with the new digital communication channels to highlight Black Friday printing offers.

  • Large format posters help to fill shop front windows.
  • Leaflets  are great ways to attract attention and draw “walk-in” trade.
  • Printed vouchers offer something tangible as a gift.
  • Scratch cards can be just one of the many ways to offer something different with promotional printing.

The Background to Black Friday and Cyber Monday

The concepts of “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” have been imported from North America.

Black Friday traditionally occurs the day after Thanksgiving Day.

Since 1932 it has been regarded as the beginning of the ‘Christmas shopping season’, with most retailers opening early and offering exclusive promotional sales.

Since 2005, Black Friday has always been the busiest shopping day of the year.

Black Friday is a successful shopping day for a combination of reasons.

Black Friday became the day to shop when retailers began to realise they could draw big crowds in by discounting prices.

Black Friday is usually even better than those ‘last minute Christmas sales’, as deals and offers tend to increase to take advantage of the special ‘shopping day’.

A lot of retailers aim to entice shoppers rather than make a profit.

Most large retailers post their Black Friday ads and offers online beforehand.

This gives consumers time to find out about sales and plan their purchases.

Other companies may offer a different approach, waiting until the last moment to release their Black Friday deals.

They are hoping to create a buzz and keep customers eagerly checking back for an announcement.

 Black Friday Printing Offers

Not all the Black Friday sales offers are what they seem.

Sometimes prices are not that much lower than at other times in the year.

The last thing most printing businesses want at the end of November is a large number of printing orders for very low margins.

Far better to get new business or volume work when the presses are quiet early in the New Year or during the summer holiday period.

Which is why our print offers tend to be related to our own capacity schedules.

Seasonal Printing Offers

There are not many printing companies that want to take on too much extra work at this time of the year.

The Christmas printing season is now at optimum capacity.

Now is the time for most Christmas card orders are processed before the last minute panic sets in.

This year there has been a growth in the popularity of Wall Charts and Planners.

Diaries and calendars seem to have declined in popularity – although Desktop Calendars seem to be very effective seasonal purchases.

For most of these seasonal print products there is little opportunity for discounting.

All Year Round Print Offers

Black Friday Printing Offers

We want first time customers to try our service – which is why we have a Free Trial and a 50% discount on new orders for our online document printing service.

For the more popular print products we have a range of special offers where the printing is less than £100.

10,000 A5 flyers printed full colour both sides on gloss paper for £99 is pretty difficult to match from any other printing business!

Each month we try and put together a special offer that is fairly general for all our customers.

This month we are offering free lamination on business cards, postcards, menus and brochures on all digitally printed products.

We want to encourage volume – so we have a 3 for 2 Offer that is great value if you are ordering a few print products at the same time.

If you are ordering a business stationery pack then there are also some good savings to be made.

And we always encourage clients to use our own graphic design services with a £40 fixed cost artwork charge for online design.

Black Friday Printing Offers should be treated with caution – a good print supplier offers a range of attractive promotions throughout the year.

If you are looking for a really good print package give me a call on 0800 0346 007 on any day of the year!

I will try and “make your day”

Black Friday Printing Offers


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