Carbon Capture Scheme

Carbon Capture Scheme

What is the Carbon Capture Scheme? There are known links between high levels of greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere and global climate change. Harmful emissions come from many sources such as manufacturing, everyday travel and heating our homes. So we are all contributing to climate change in some way. And we can all help […]

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Moving Premises

Direct2Print Bureau DY8 1EP

Moving Premises Moving to a new house can be one of your most stressful experiences. Well it is nothing to moving premises if you are business – especially if you are in the print business! And especially if you have not previously moved for nearly 36 years! The problem with print is that equipment has a […]

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Digital Printing Growth

Digital Printing Growth

  A Brief History of Digital Printing Growth To understand Digital Printing Growth trends it is important to understand the history of digital print. Commercial digital printing developed from the invention of the laser printer at Xerox in the 1970’s. This environment has seen significant change. Print engines have increased in speed and quality by […]

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Retail Printing

Retail Printing

Retail Printing The retail printing market has been suffering for some time now. Retailers are going through dramatic changes with many stores facing increasing cost pressures and the threat of online sales to survive. Last week saw two more national retail chains go into administration with the loss of some 5,500 more jobs. Many others […]

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The Value of Paper in the Digital World

The Value of Paper in the Digital World Even in this digital world where would we be without paper? Look closely around you and you will soon see that paper is everywhere. It is a vitally important product contributing so much to the way we communicate with each other. Despite a fairly rapid decline in […]

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How to Kick Start the UK Economy in 2018!

How to Kick Start the UK Economy in 2018!

  The great benefit of a prolonged break over the Christmas and New Year period is the ability to think. The most important problem facing the country is how to kick start the UK economy in 2018! As a small business and as an individual you get the feeling that there is a paralysis and lack […]

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Brand Control for the Smaller Business

      How Much Value is in a Brand? There has been a considerable amount of comment and debate on brand control for the smaller business. Putting a financial value to a brand is often only done at the time of a merger or an acquisition because the treatment of “goodwill” has implications for […]

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10 Reasons to send us PDF files for Printing

Direct2Print west midlands fast print service

  10 REASONS TO SEND US PDF FILES FOR PRINTING There is nothing more frustrating than trying to print files that have not been saved as PDF’s. So here are 10 Reasons to send us PDF files for Printing. Canon came up with an alarming statistic that although more than two thirds of all business […]

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What has happened to high street print?

What has happened to high street print?

Every high street in every town used to have one or more print or copy shop. Now print shops are becoming increasingly rare. And yet coffee bars, charity shops, hairdressers and fast food outlets all seem to be proliferating. So what has happened to high street print? What has happened to high street print in the last 30 […]

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Top 5 Tips for the Design & Print of Leaflets

  A well-designed and printed flyer or leaflet will create a lasting impression on your customers. Leaflet printing will effectively promote your business. Unlike advertising printed leaflets can be easily measured so you know whether they pay for themselves. However, they also need to be carefully planned and designed or they could be a waste of […]

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Christmas Card Printing

Christmas Card Printing

It is less than 3 months now until Christmas Day and we have received our first Christmas card printing order of the year! This particular client values this old method of communication and explained the many benefits of Christmas Card printing sending a seasonal message of goodwill.   Print wins again when it comes to Christmas Cards! […]

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Hotel Printing Service

Hotel Printing Service

Trends impacting on our Hotel Printing Service There are a few things impacting on our Hotel Printing Service at the moment Tourism is booming and hotel occupancy rates are at an all-time high. Demand is from both visitors from abroad and those opting for “staycations” in the UK. Prices are rising rapidly as a result […]

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Top 10 Tips On Preparing Your Artwork For Print

Top 10 Tips On Preparing Your Artwork For Print

    Without artwork, there can be no print. Understanding how the print process affects the way you design and can really enhance how you prepare your artwork. Print and design are inextricably linked. Plenty of businesses still don’t have access to skilled graphic designers but this may not be essential. Help is usually available […]

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High Quality Business Stationery Printing

Even in this digital age there is value to be gained from high quality business stationery printing. The market for high quality business stationery printing is currently in high demand. Living in a world being dominated by digital communications makes printed goods increasingly more appreciated. Print has become one of the best ways to stand out. As more marketers […]

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Summer Printing Offers

Summer Printing Offers

Summer is here and the temperature is rising – school holidays are getting closer – and we are about to launch our latest Summer Printing Offers to the world! Our wide range of personalised printed products can be great for you to promote your business this summer. Keep hydrated in style with your own bespoke water bottle, […]

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12 Main Benefits of Print Management

12 Main Benefits of Print Management

  Print remains the most effective form of business communication today. However, it needs to be planned and effectively managed to have real impact. Our new print management service provides the perfect solution for SME’s in the Worcestershire and West Midlands areas. So what  are the 12 Main Benefits of Print Management? The 12 Main Benefits of Print […]

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Preventing Late Payments from account customers

Preventing Late Payments from account customers

  There is no doubt that preventing late payments from account customers is an important management task. Cash flow is the lifeblood of any small business. Being paid later than expected can threaten business survival and causes a great deal of stress and worry. The key question is how to mitigate against the potential problems. Payment with order is one […]

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The Importance of Document Scanning

The Importance of Document Scanning

Do You Now Realise The Importance of Document Scanning? In today’s modern working environment, saturated with information, businesses have many new risks. The risk of our dependency on computers has been shown by the failure of British Airways IT systems over the last Bank Holiday weekend. The threat of computer virus attacks is also  growing all […]

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Creating and Optimising your Business Website

Creating and Optimising your Business Website

Once you’ve signed up, we can then work on creating and optimising your business website . We provide training videos which will help you with all the basics. They will tell you the ins and outs of what you need to know and how you create things, as well as how to navigate around the […]

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Create your own FREE Website

Create your own FREE Website

  Fancy yourself as a web designer? Well let’s face it – we see so many website examples in our every day life that many people are now tempted to give it a try themselves. The need for a business website is compelling. Now there is no excuse – why not create your own FREE Website today? […]

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Visual Content in Business Communications

Visual Content in Business Communications

Creating good visual content in business communications is vital. Visual content marketing is more effective than almost any other form of communication. It is the often the first impression your product or business will make. Marketers who embrace visual content reap the rewards of higher returns – in terms of more fans, followers, readers, leads, clients […]

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Printed Envelopes

When it comes to business image and impression – printed envelopes can be very significant. You wouldn’t normally give someone an expensive present unwrapped or in a cheap carrier or paper bag. Companies can typically spend £5 for a high quality brochure only to post it in a thin manila envelope. When the envelope arrives it […]

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Creating Effective Copy for Printing

Creating Effective Copy for Printing

“Keep it Short and Sweet” When creating effective copy for printing, the golden rule is to keep it brief. We are now in the age of Twitter and social media and our content is often determined by the number of characters in our message. Copy should be as long as it needs to be and […]

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Colours in Printing

  Retail research shows that 93% of purchasing decisions are influenced by colour. Colour is one of the main factors which make each image eye catching and unique. It costs you next to nothing to choose a colour, but making the wrong decision could cost your company in the long run. Which is why colours […]

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Valentines Day Printing

When it comes to Valentines Day printing we’ve got you covered. Direct2Print offer you exceptional deals on great quality printing. Whatever business you work in – Valentines Day offers a wide range of possibilities. Print marketing is proven to be extremely successful in driving traffic to retail outlets, small businesses, online stores and websites. It’s also […]

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Seasonal Printing

Seasonal Printing

One of the easiest ways to create a Marketing Plan for your business is to base it upon a framework of seasonal printing. Spring, summer, winter and fall are more than just seasons, they’re opportunities for businesses to thrive. With each season comes unique holidays, events and activities. Businesses must pay close attention to this […]

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Design Tips for Designers

As technology progresses, graphic design continues to evolve. Modern software makes the process easier than at any time in the past. And yet experience is still a great asset and often distinguishes the better graphic designers. Which is why we are trying to pass on some design tips for younger designers wishing to develop their careers. […]

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Print-Ready Artwork for Document Printing

  Microsoft programmes are most commonly used for generating print-ready artwork for document printing. However they may not always generate documents which are ideal for printing. Most documents need to be manipulated or converted into a suitable format. Document printing can bring a whole host of problems and issues. Preparing Print-Ready Artwork for Document Printing 1. Check page setup […]

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Print-Ready Artwork

Print-Ready Artwork

Sometimes we are supplied print-ready artwork from a client. Sometimes it is great. Sometimes there is a lot to be desired. We are different to many print shops. We offer free help and advice when it comes to providing print-ready artwork. And if you order  online printing we even provide print-ready artwork at a fixed […]

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Black Friday Printing Offers

Online Print special offer

We are currently in the “silly season” of Black Friday printing offers. Black Friday is this Friday – the 25th November. Cyber Monday is the following Monday 28 November. It has been spread out to almost a week of bombarding clients with news of special promotions. The fact they are now taking up much of the month of November shows how […]

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Online Print Management

Online Print Management

Direct2Print corporate customers can now enjoy the benefit of an online print management service. This will be of particular value if you a large number of offices or individuals working remotely who need access to corporate printed materials. The system is also of value to franchisors who can manage and control the corporate identity of […]

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Marketing your Small Business

Marketing for the Small Business

Running your own small business requires skills in many areas. Creating and growing customers is the most important function of any small business owner. The activities that you perform to convert prospects into customers are generally grouped under the umbrella of “marketing”. Sometimes business comes to you – but in most cases you have to invest […]

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

It is not just the large organisations or technology companies that use social media marketing to win business. Smaller companies and tradesmen are finding that social media marketing can work just as well for them. The facts and figures become more convincing each year. Why Social Media marketing Is Important For The Small Business… Social media marketing […]

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Why Printing Sometimes Goes Wrong

Why Printing Sometimes Goes Wrong

  When you see Case Studies for printing businesses you think everything goes well – all of the time. To be honest,  problems seem to be rare with developments in technology and software. But things sometimes go wrong. And when they do occur the response varies enormously. The same sentiments are echoed by leading print suppliers in this week’s […]

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Finding a Perfect Print Partner

  10 Tips to help in finding a Perfect Print Partner Finding a Perfect Print Partner is not easy. Every printing business seems to promise the earth. All seem to be committed to quality, customer service, fast delivery and competitive costs. However, there are a number of ways to differentiate. If you follow these 10 tips you should end up […]

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Printing for the Leisure Sector

Leisure Club Printing

One of the most important business areas for Direct2Print is digital printing for the leisure sector. Gym membership is booming – particularly in the city areas. An increasing amount of our time and our money is being spent on the activities we do away from the workplace. Whether it is printed newsletters, rule books, programmes, certificates […]

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Business Card Design Tips

Having printed many hundreds of thousands of business cards we can offer some useful business card design tips! In a market worth over £14bn in the UK alone,  business cards are the most important investment you are likely to make. The growth rate of business card printing  correlates with the growth and importance of networking. For the […]

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Printing for Pubs, Cafes & Restaurants

With food outlets proliferating we are seeing a surge in new printing orders for pubs, cafes & restaurants this year. In this “Post-Brexit” economy, a higher proportion of our income is being spent on eating out. Competition for our money is getting more intense from the many forms of food and hospitality outlet. Most pubs have had to […]

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Scanning & Archiving Documents

Scanning & Archiving Documents

In today’s digital world we seem no nearer to achieving the ultimate goal of a paperless office by scanning & archiving documents. At Direct2Print we can offer a bespoke service for small and medium-sized companies. We can deliver & collect documents and files within the West Midlands printing area and even arrange shredding and off-site […]

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Great Value Websites

Great value websites

Every business needs a good web development strategy and we offer some great value websites. With design costs of just £199 –  our great value websites are designed for small businesses and sole traders to get more from the Internet. There is no geographical restriction – because all services are ordered processed and delivered online. At the same time we […]

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Education Printing

Education Printing

This is the busy time of the year for our education printing service. Schools are about to break for the summer term and thoughts are now on the next academic year’s intake. Many parents and pupils start to consider their options and decisions can be critical. Playgroups, nurseries, schools, academies and colleges all benefit from […]

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Printed point-of-sales materials

Printed point of sales materials

Purchasing decisions are sometimes taken in seconds – which is why having good printed point-of-sales materials are so important. Printed point-of-sales materials (POS display) are a specialised form of sales promotion  found near, on, or next to a till or counter. They are usually – but not solely found in a retail environment. Point-of-sale (POS) marketing is one […]

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West Midlands Printing

West Midlands Printing

The West Midlands printing area covers Birmingham and the surrounding counties of Warwickshire, Worcestershire, and Staffordshire. This area should be the main counter-balance to London and the South-East for economic concentration and regeneration. The “Northern Powerhouse” has generated more investment and attention due to the co-operation between the various public bodies in the north. However, there […]

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European Referendum Result

We are about to enter a new era for business. The European Referendum result is going to have financial implications for companies of all sizes. The common consensus is that we are about to enter a two year rollercoaster. We will see the value of the pound and shares fluctuate, interest rates and inflation will increase and new […]

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European Referendum


The European Referendum is now just over a week away. The general consensus is that the economy will take a dip after the European Referendum – whatever the outcome. As a small business we are largely dependent on the local economy and our own investment and growth plans will probably stall. We could be about to take a step into the […]

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Printed Corporate Clothing

Printed corporate clothing

Staff can be supplied with a wide range of casual and formal printed corporate clothing from Direct2Print. This can be in the anything from fleeces and hoodies, to smart uniforms or waterproof protective printed corporate clothing. All can have simply a logo or text added in a number of possible positions. With Health & Safety legislation certain […]

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Printed Promotional Gifts

Printed promotional gifts - jotter pads

Printed promotional gifts are defined as anything that you can add your company name or logo which would enhance the awareness of your business. Keeping your name in front of clients and prospective customers is just one of the benefits of investing in printed promotional gifts. Promotional products can be used in so many ways; […]

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Printed Signs and Graphics

Printed signs and graphics

  Have you considered the advertising value of printed signs and graphics? Could we help by giving your signage a makeover with our wide range of printed signs and graphics? In addition to posters and large format digital printing we can also offer all types of printed signs and graphics. Some of these are standard messages that apply […]

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Printed Packaging Materials

Printed Packaging Materials

  By purchasing printed packaging materials, you can gain competitive advantage for your business. If you can make the packaging striking and distinctive it will help to catch the eye and create the right first impression. If it is poorly presented it is likely to be regarded as a second-rate product and is likely to […]

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Digital Asset Management

Digital asset management services from Direct2print

Every business has an image and usually requires some form of digital asset management to control the corporate identity. In many cases the brand is the basis for differentiation and can result in a price and margin premium. Consumers trust brand values and are prepared to pay the extra for peace of mind. Brand values for […]

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