Brochure Printing

 Brochure Printing

The Basic Principles of Brochure Printing

Brochures are probably best described as filling the gap between a leaflet and seeing a sales representative.

Brochure printing can sometimes represent exceptional value for money within a small marketing budget.

Brochures communicate vital information and also help to communicate an image about your business.

It is important to try and appeal to both the emotional and rational factors behind a decision making process.

The rational side of the brain looks at the logical quantitative reasoning.

This is often the financial rationale or benefit of your products and services in clear and simple terms.

The emotional factors can be influenced by the imagery and the quality of the brochures.

Brochure printing often relies on creating a good first impression and being able to make the recipient want to learn more.

Setting objectives for your Brochure Printing

Decide what the purpose of your brochure is to be and then set your objectives.

In some cases they are very general and used simply to increase the awareness of the business.

They can be used in conjunction with a quotation, proposal or even used by a salesman as a “sales prop”.

Others are almost like a personalised sale proposal in themselves and are printed almost specifically for a single potential client.

In most cases they are handed out.

If you plan to post your brochures consider the size implications.

A5 brochure printing is now more popular because they are the largest size usually within the standard postage costs.

The most common mistakes are trying to put too much information in front of the client, using low resolution images and making a bad choice of colour combinations.

Follow our design tips for brochure printing and you will be on the right track.

Writing Copy for your Brochure Printing

Everything should be written to directly appeal to your prospective customer.

Create a list of features – convert them into a benefit and finally into a “which means that” sentence.

Always write directly using terms “you” and “your” rather than “we” and “our”.

Use words and phrases that grab the attention – such as guarantee, results, discover, amazing and proven.

Use headlines and keep sentences short.

Always have a powerful introduction and end.

Make the next follow up step as easy as possible.

Consider adding social media links or a QR code to connect to a web site or digital communications.

Effective Design for your Brochure Printing

A good image is worth a thousand words.

And as any book publisher will tell you – the cover is of particular importance to grab attention.

Charts, histograms and graphs are great ways to communicate figures or complicated products or services.

Always use high resolution photographs.

Plan the layout to use text boxes, bullet points and bold text.

Use corporate colours but ensure there is plenty of contrast.

If you need help with the layout and design – consider our £40 special online design offer for online print orders.

 Brochure Printing Tips

It is important your brochure reflects your corporate identity in print as well as design.

If you want to project an image of quality it must be reflected in the feel and finish of your brochure printing.

We can help and advise on the merits of different types of paper and can supply printed samples if required.

Follow our guidelines for either digital printing or full colour litho printing.

If you want to be seen as the best, you have to stand out from the rest!

Digital Brochure Printing

You no longer need to order large quantities with digital printing.

Our online print service starts with minimum quantities of 50 although we have been known to print just the one brochure on occasions.

We offer a matt or laminate finish – and when required can create booklet brochures for clients.

They can be produced within a few working hours.

And there is now very little difference in quality with full litho printing.

As for price – the unit costs fall more dramatically with our online print service.

The Final Check with your Brochure Printing

Make sure the content is not likely to go out of date.

In particular consider your contact details to make it easy for a customer to take the next step in the sales process.

Get others to check the copy for spelling and contact details.

Sometimes important information is omitted – so it is worthwhile to check with colleagues before you go to print.

Or if you want expert advice – contact Direct2Print or request a specific quote today.

Online Printing Specialist

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