Carbon Capture Scheme

Carbon Capture Scheme

What is the Carbon Capture Scheme?

There are known links between high levels of greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere and global climate change.

Harmful emissions come from many sources such as manufacturing, everyday travel and heating our homes.

So we are all contributing to climate change in some way.

And we can all help in some small way.

We all need to reduce our “carbon footprint” to ensure a more sustainable future for our planet.

The Carbon Capture Scheme was created by the Woodland Trust to plant more trees in the UK.

It is a simple and natural way a printing company and their customers can make a contribution.

What is the Link between carbon and trees?

Trees are nature’s most effective and powerful way of removing carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere.

The trees suck in the carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen.

As they grow they absorb CO2 which is “locked up” and stored away in the trees roots, trunks and branches.

This leads to cleaner, fresher air for everyone to breathe and helps regulate the climate.

Therefore, the more trees the better the environment.

The paper industry is proud to claim that more trees are being planted then are being felled for the use in paper mills around the world.

The Carbon Capture Scheme also helps wildlife

Trees also support thousands of species of wildlife from birds and mammals to all forms of insects.

Additionally, some important varieties of plants, fungi and flowers can only grow on shaded woodland floors.

Many of the UK’s wildlife species are endangered by climate change.

Action taken in the UK is now an important activity.

Our precarious wildlife is reliant on native trees.

Creating new woodlands to remove carbon is a porimary objective of the scheme.

Why subscribe to the Carbon Capture Scheme?

Direct2Print have enrolled on the Carbon Capture scheme.

The scheme provides a tangible, long lasting demonstration of our commitment to the environment.

We wish to demonstrate good emission management and sustainability initiatives within our environmental credentials.

Even as a micro business we believe we can make a real contribution.

Small businesses often find it hard to find ways to show they care about their environmental impact.

Setting an example will help larger organisations, local authorities and schools and colleges follow our lead.

And when our clients ask us for our own contribution we can quantify the benefit of our printing in environmental terms.

We can use the various logos on all our publicity materials.


How does the Carbon Capture Scheme Work?

The scheme works by calculating the amount of CO2 emitted from the manufacture and distribution of a tonne of paper.

This calculation has been verified by the Woodland Trust using Carbon Trust and DEFRA figures.

The surcharge is then added to the invoices from our paper supplier and this amount goes directly to the Woodland Trust without any deductions.

Businesses are increasingly expected to report their green credentials in Annual Reports, sales tenders and external communications.

Our clients can now use the Woodland Carbon logos on their printing – whether it is documents, brochures, newsletters or stationery.

It can even be displayed on their websites to further re-inforce their brand image.

Certificates are issued from the Woodland Trust that quantify the amount of CO2 captured and the area of new native woodlands planted can be detailed on each individual certificate.

Again, these certificates can be displayed or used in a wide range of publicity applications.

How Much does the Carbon Capture Scheme Cost?

The typical cost would be £8.50 plus VAT per tonne.

This is equivalent to about 2pence per ream of 80gsm copier paper or 12 pence per ream for our quality 120gsm silk paper.

However, we believe by contributing to the scheme we will gain a competitive edge in the printing industry.

We can demonstrate to our customers that Direct2Print takes environmental responsibilities seriously and we publish our Green Credentials online.

It shows we have a greener supply chain and we make responsible procurement decisions.

What has been achieved so far?

37,563 tonnes of carbon has been captured to date – that’s as heavy as 7,500 elephants or 7.5 billion sheets of A4 paper!

£700,000 has been raised for the Woodland Trust.

And over 187,800 trees have been planted.

That’s enough to cover 187 football pitches and stretch over 100 miles – roughly the distance from Birmingham to London.

In 2017 TV’s Julia Bradbury teamed up with our paper supplier and other members of the scheme to plant 3,000 trees in Heartwood Forest.

If any of our clients wish to join us at one of these tree planting events they need to get in touch with me.

Contact Steve by phone on 01384 376640 or email .

You can  get even more information online about the Woodland Trust or Carbon Capture.

Thanks for your contribution.

Carbon Capture



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