Create your own FREE Website


Create your own FREE Website

Fancy yourself as a web designer?

Well let’s face it – we see so many website examples in our every day life that many people are now tempted to give it a try themselves.

The need for a business website is compelling.

Now there is no excuse – why not create your own FREE Website today?

And “with a little help from your friends” we can point you in the right direction with plenty of help and support!

Create Your Own FREE Website Now!

Direct2Website are now offering a new system for our customers so you can design your own unique website for free.

This is an ideal solution for any sole trader or small business wishing to experiment with a website but without the budget to invest at this time.

This step by step process – with the support of comprehensive training videos – helps you gradually build up a very professional website to your exact requirements.

The first step to create your own free website

We are offering a 14-day FREE trial.

Within those 14 days, you can create, design and edit a new website using the professional WordPress system.

We think it’s important for our customers to control every different feature within their website, meaning they can design it exactly how they’d like and change different elements accordingly.

By allowing users to create their own brand identity & website, they can not only ensure it is perfectly suitable for themselves or their business.

They can also gain knowledge and experience with design at the same time.

The editing is as easy as using most basic software programmes – and we are always on hand to advise and assist if required.

Once you’ve signed up, our website will offer you tutorial videos to watch in order to learn the basic skills needed to create your own website.

When you’ve watched the videos you can then go on to creating your site.

You then have 14 days to design the site exactly how you’d like it.

Prepare in advance

If this time period seems too short, it’s probably best if you plan out ideas for most appropriate content in advance.

Decide on the total number of web pages you will need to create your own free website.

Then – what colours you wish to use, the best images to use, the main features and benefits you wish to promote.

Next – start learning and create your own FREE Website!

When the 14 days are up, if you’re happy with the site you can then buy the domain (for no more than £10) and the website is yours.

You are only obliged to pay a nominal hosting fee.

This is often an overlooked item but is important because it covers the cost of security of your website, back up and protection from hackers.

What if I need help to finish off my website?

After the 14 days are up, whatever you have not been able to add to your website can be added by our own graphic designer or one of our specialist web designers.

The price of graphic design services will depend upon what features you’d like us to add.

We feel like this is the most cost-efficient way for our customers to make the most out of the web design experience.

Simply contact us for a quote on something you’d like us to add to your website (e.g. make your site E-Commerce, add a search bar etc.) and we can get back to you with a price.

What Standard Features can be incorporated into the website?

  • Online site editor (available to you for 14 days)
  • Pages
  • Support & hosting
  • E-commerce store
  • Shopping cart
  • Blogging system
  • Image gallery
  • Custom page layouts
  • Logo builder
  • Quality banners
  • Online form builder
  • Link to other sites
  • Online mailing list
  • Site search
  • Event calendar

Along with many other features (contact us for more information or let us know what else you have in mind), we also offer social media and digital marketing services.

This means, when your web site is fully designed and set up, we can market your business on social media and can even work on posts to boost the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) of your website.

Will a website draw new business?

A good website will help to widen your brand awareness and boost your customer engagement.

However, if you want to add a shopping cart and take orders – this is something we can provide.

Whatever options you require your website will help in generating new business.

Most potential customers research you online before coming into your shop or making telephone enquiries.

Potential customers will judge your business on the visual identity – and the website is often the easiest accessible source of information.

So it pays to make it look good!

Start Your 14 day Free Trial Now!

For more information check out Direct2Website.

If during this time you need help call us on 01384 376640.

If after 14 days you want specialist help or extra services contact us.

Or – if you are happy with your own designs – sign up for our great value hosting package.

Our monthly cost also includes registering your domain name and online support and protection.

You can build up as you go – and add any number of our other digital communication services.

How else can we help?

As a professional printing business, we can also help you to promote your business in many other ways.

We produce high quality business cards and letterheads and many more print materials you can use to successfully market your business.

Print and digital marketing work very well together for the small business or sole trader.  We can even create your own unique QR code to link your stationery directly to your new website!

If you want us to discuss this further call free on 0800 0346 007 during normal working hours for a free and no obligation quotation on any aspect of our services.

Create your own FREE Website

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