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Digital asset management services from Direct2print

Every business has an image and usually requires some form of digital asset management to control the corporate identity.

In many cases the brand is the basis for differentiation and can result in a price and margin premium.

Consumers trust brand values and are prepared to pay the extra for peace of mind.

Brand values for companies like Apple, Google and Coca Cola are vigorously protected.

Coca Cola is just a carbonated drink but the brand value results in enormous global profits and worldwide recognition.

When things have gone wrong – like changing the colour of the packaging, the formula or moving into new markets (like bottled water) – the organisation has acted swiftly to rectify the problem.

This is to protect the brand.

The management and control of the brand is one of the most important management tasks for the growth or survival of any business.

And in the digital era, digital asset management is something important even for the small business owners.

How a business appears to prospects and customers is vital.

Digital Asset Management for the Small Business

There are a number of ways Direct2Print can help and assist with the digital asset management for the small business or independent trader.

Digital Asset Management can be simply a system for storing and archiving digital files or the management of your business identity.

Time is often wasted trying to find files or the correct version of the file on your computer.

Our digital asset management allows you to

  • Manage your valuable data
  • Make it easily retrievable
  • Ensure that the current version is the one available

Our services extend to managing the visual identity of a business in the following areas:-

  1. Digital communications
  2. Printing
  3. Packaging
  4. Property
  5. Point of Sale
  6. Personnel
  7. Promotions

Brand Control

Digital asset management is all about control and consistency.

It is about how the brand appears in all forms of the visual appearance – whether it is the property, personnel or printed products.

With so many different production methods it is easier if the graphic design is co-ordinated by one organisation.

With different printing methods some brand colours can appear totally different unless there is this element of control.

Evolution of a Logo or Brand

Most businesses recognise the value of modifying their visual identity over time.

In some cases, vast sums are paid on re-designing a logo and there appears to be hardly any difference.

Google and BP are just two cases where changes are often minor but they need to be applied across every part of the business at enormous cost.

So the starting point for digital asset management is normally the design and control of the logo – in all customer-facing areas of the business.

At Direct2Print we offer a fixed cost logo design service for the small business and a £40 fixed cost design service for online print orders.

It is important for the logo to appear consistently across all areas of the business – from website to uniform.

Different skills are required in each of the following key areas:-

Digital Communications

In the modern era a company website is often the first point of contact for a potential client after searching online.

This gives the small business the opportunity to compete with a much larger business on an “even playing field”.

The cost of web design and hosting has dropped in recent years and our own website service for the smaller business is highly cost-effective.

Other important digital communications include email and e-marketing including video or apps.

All these need to be managed and controlled for content and quality as part of a digital asset management service.


Printing usually involves a large number of suppliers and can include business printing, promotional printing, document printing and print management.

Our digital asset management service allows us to ensure consistency of quality and colour for all your printed stationery, documents and marketing materials.

We offer basic advice and guidelines for litho printing and digital printing – but expertise is sometimes needed.

For example, within the digital printing sphere colours like orange and purple – used for companies like EasyJet and Cadburys respectively are notoriously difficult to control.

Printed Packaging

Your packaging is important for the protection of your products and the projection of your image.

Consider custom printed cartons and bags, labels, packaging tape, wrapping paper & tags to enhance your company image.

With digital printing only small quantities are required – which has opened up many more possibilities for the smaller business.

Screen printing is often required for many other forms of printed packaging – in addition to some printing of signs for property.

Printed Signage & Property

We can control and manage your visual communications relating to all your property.

This can include internal and external signs in buildings, forecourts, pavement areas and window graphics.

Internally we provide bespoke printed wallpapers, canvass prints, snap frames and floor mats.

Externally we can provide everything from signs, banners, flags and A frames to estate agent boards.

In addition, a company vehicle is a moving advertisement for any business.

We offer a range of vehicle graphics and wraps to maximise the marketing value of effective signwriting.

Point of Sale Printing

We co-ordinate the purchase of a wide range of printed point of sale materials include large format posters, literature dispensers, roller banners and desk mats.

If the items are for inserting printed material they can be sourced directly at competitive prices.

This would include literature dispensers, plastic leaflet and menu holders and business card holders.

Printed Uniforms & ID for Personnel

We can arrange for the supply of printed clothing – from basic T-shirts through to branded corporate protective work-wear and uniforms.

There is also a wide range of printed identity cards, lanyards and ID card holders.

We offer name badges with pin and magnetic attachments – ideal for conferences or exhibitions as well as in a retail environment.

Promotional Printing

Promotional gifts remain an important part of the marketing mix.

Our recent promotional gifts have included printed USB flash drives, diaries, calendars and printed desk tidies, pens, pads, mouse mats, key fobs and wall planners.

Case Studies and Pricing

In the next few blogs we will look at some specific examples of these products and a rough idea of their total cost.

They can be purchased as part of our print management service or ordered individually.

In the meantime for a free review of your visual identity and a quote for the digital asset management contact our Customer Services free on 0800 0346 007.

Online Printing Specialist

For a digital asset management quotation contact Chris Jepson free on 0800 0346 007

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