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Digital Printing

Why is it Growing So Fast?

Digital printing trends show that the share of the total print market has doubled in the last ten years.

Digital printing is the term used to describe printing technology that links printing processes directly to your computer or mobile device.

When you think that in the UK alone there are over 8000 printing businesses with a combined annual turnover of £13.5billion you will appreciate it is a significant part of the print market.

The demand for colour prints continues to expand rapidly despite the growth of digital communications.

The Benefits

The quality of toner digital printing now matches the comparable quality of ink-based printing methods.

It is also better value than typical home and office printers where the cost of inks can exceed the cost of the most expensive champagne and perfumes.

It is a quick and simpler process that can be done on demand and on the same day.

It also allows you the opportunity to order small to medium quantities of print.

You will use less paper, ink, or chemicals. There is no need for printing plates or films so there is less wastage.

It is an environmentally-friendly method of communication.

Digital printing also offers accurate proofing on a wide variety of paper and cards – so “what you see is what you get”.

Using variable data each individual item of print can also be personalised to each recipient.

Online Digital Printing

This allows you to speed up the printing process even more and to reduce time and administration.

Direct2Print offer 24 of the most popular printed products that can be ordered in a few easy steps.

In addition, documents can be printed and bound online – and delivered to most UK destinations within 6 working hours!

Digital printing lends itself to training manual printing, conference printing, funeral printing and wedding printing.

Works well with online marketing…

This form of printing can be used to support your online business will drive up your profits.

Using QR codes in your business printing or promotional printing enables your customers to link onto web pages, social media pages and connect with your business.

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