Digitally Printed Labels

digitally printed labels

Digitally Printed Labels

Digitally printed labels have become particularly popular in the last few years.

Labels are used in most small businesses and serve a number of purposes.

Typically they are used for information, warnings, prices and contact details.

They usually have to convey this communication in a relatively small surface area.

In some cases they need to have permanent adhesive and in others, they need to be removable.

The main benefit of digitally printed labels is that they can be  produced in small order quantities and there is very little set-up cost.

Consequently, they are very cost-effective in certain applications.

Applications for Digitally Printed Labels

Labels come in all different sizes and types of material – suitable for both internal and outdoor use.

Digitally Printed Labels are usually printed on a matt or gloss self-adhesive paper.

They are also known as “stickers” and typically have applications in some of the following areas:-

  1. Ingredients

We have produced digitally printed labels for jars of jams and marmalades.  With local Farmers Markets and online sales – these type of cottage industries are now very popular.

One of the most difficult tasks we have had to undertake is to provide digitally printed labels for a range of specialist aromatherapy products.

They were being sold through some major retailers – including Tesco.

The bottles were small and the list of ingredients was long – so the small font size required the use of a magnifying glass!

Legislation is very strict in this area.

Avoiding food poisoning or an allergic reaction is the main motivation behind the need for clear and accurate labelling.

This will only increase the demand for printed labels.

Consumers now demand clear labelling on calorific and fat content for most food products.

And this may soon have to be applied to the local sandwich shop or take-away food outlet!

2. Warning Notices

Hazards are all around us.

Warning labels are needed for all types of product produced by a small business.

The benefit of digitally printed labels is that they can be produced in colours and with easily recognisable symbols to make them stand out.

Consumer protection legislation places the responsibility on the supplier to communicate any warnings or dangers – no matter how unlikely.

Red is usually used as the danger colour.  Although it is also popular to advertise a Sale or highlight a Price.

The eye is immediately drawn to colour contrasts and they should always be used effectively in the graphic design of the labels.

3. Information

We have provided digitally printed labels as a vital source of information.

This can be in the form of instructions or just customer service information.

For example. how to assemble a product or how to use the product or dispose of it after use.

Tags or labels are still the most popular form of  advertising the price of a product.

It can be a digitally printed label simply showing the price alone or can contain information on the country of origin or a sell by date.

We have supplied digitally printed labels to a wide range of retailers.

If they are to stuck to the product we recommend removable paper.

If they are to stuck to the packaging we recommend permanent paper.

For one client with car dealerships a simple round sticker saying when next service was due was affixed to the dashboard after each service.

We also produce round stickers on a cling film to fix to the inside of car windscreens for parking permits.

Schools produce digitally printed labels as a sign of recognition for good behaviour or good homework.

QR Codes are another way of linking the labels to the digital world – so they can be scanned and linked to a digital page with more information.

4. Contact Details

The popularity of digitally printed labels for branded packaging has soared with the growth of e-commerce.

It is also important to have pre-printed return address labels included in the packaging.

Good quality address labels need to be permanent and ideally waterproof for external packaging.

Digitally printed labels are quick and simple to add to correspondence or promotional literature.

Mini labels have been around for a long time although their popularity has declined for personal correspondence.

For some business customers using a mini-label is a simple way to add contact details.

If something needs to be covered up – digitally printed labels can be produced on an opaque material that blocks out the content below.

We can also now produce digitally printed labels on magnetic material.

This allows the contact information to be fixed to the side of the metal electrical appliance for easy reference.

This would give easy access to contact information in the event of a breakdown or emergency.

6. Control

In an increasingly sophisticated and digital world labels are used to control all aspects of the business.

Bar codes can be applied to control stock levels.

Asset Labels are permanently affixed to property – and carry important information about security or technical details.

We have supplied digitally printed labels for use when calibrating machinery – inserting dates on when the equipment was inspected.

The introduction of PAT testing resulted in a large growth of digitally printed labels.

They can even be individually printed with separate numbers or bar codes with variable data digital printing.

7. Promotions

Political parties and charities are amongst the clients who also order digitally printed labels.

The labels are usually simply to stick on clothing to communicate political persuasion or as a sign of recognition and thanks.

A label on a direct mail letter is an effective way of attracting attention.

A label can be used on brochures, posters or all other forms of promotional printing to gain extra impact.

In fact, the applications are limited only by your own imagination.

They are also simple and easy to order from Direct2Print.

How to Order Digitally Printed Labels?

With digitally printed labels the artwork is usually set up to templates for either an A4 or an SRA3 sized sheet.

When you consider the multitude of size options for many products you can see that with so many permutations – holding printed stock can be expensive.

Which is why digital printing is ideal and online digital printing offers the option of a simple order process.

Online print customers order by the number of sheets of A4 label paper required.

If you want to order by number of labels, or need larger quantities, transparent stickers, or any other specific types of stickers look online at our print production site.

Or if you want us to quote for your specific requirements contact us on 0800 0346 007 today.

Online Printing Specialist

For any help and advice on ordering digitally printed labels contact Chris Jepson on 0800 0346 007

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