Direct Mail Printing

Direct mail printing

Direct Mail printing is retaking ground in the marketing mix.

Despite the decline in postal volumes and the growth of digital marketing – new evidence points to the resurgence in popularity of direct mail printing.

92% of recipients act on the printed direct mail they regard as relevant.

29% of people said that this valued mail helped them to plan a future purchase.

60% of people said valued mail can help keep the brand top of mind.

44% of people feel better informed by this targeted printed direct mail.

So, get your strategy and tactics right and direct mail printing could become one of your most effective ways of generating new business.

The perfect piece of Direct Mail printing?

Have you ever sent someone a birthday card?

Yes – well sending a birthday card is a perfect example of effective direct mail.

It is relevant, personal and emotional.

The card is absolutely right for the person receiving it, because it is their birthday.

The card you choose and the message inside is exclusive and unique.

And receiving a birthday card usually lifts your spirits and makes you feel good.

It is always nice to know someone cares enough to think of you and send it.

The recipient usually displays the card – unlike a digital message!

And this is a major advantage with business communications.

Why do businesses use Direct Mail printing?

In today’s tough economic environment it seems we are all running faster just to stand still!

Targeted promotion and marketing is now essential for businesses wishing to grow and develop.

Direct mail allows business to target specific groups of customers and you can appeal to many senses.

It enables companies to focus often limited  financial resources on where they are most likely to yield results.

Even with the postal cost increases next week – printed direct mail is very cost-effective.

Contrast this with a spam email and you will appreciate the advantages that direct mail printing can offer.

The 6 Stages of successful Direct Mail printing

Always have clear objectives in mind.

What is the direct mail printing being designed to achieve?

Then follow the 6 step process to manage your campaign.

Step 1 – The Creative Input

This can have a direct bearing on the success of your direct mail campaign.

You need to grab the reader’s attention in the matter of a second or two.

Our involvement can include coming up with creative concepts, writing copy and testing the various visual options.

When you find the concept that seems to generate the best response you can start planning your campaign.

Step 2 – The Contact List

Your list of contacts needs to be clean.

It needs to conform to the MPS requirements and it is best to acquire data through reputable suppliers.

You can be really specific about the contacts you are looking for – purchasing a list of perfect potential clients.

Or use your very own customers and prospects.

We can help cleanse your lists to validate address information and remove duplications.

Step 3 – Direct Mail Printing

Do you just send out a postcard, a leaflet, a brochure or a letter within an envelope?

We can print the mailing contents and the envelopes if required.

This cost will often represent less than the cost of the postage but needs to be high quality.

With direct mail printing your clients have the opportunity to feel and touch the printed message.

With many new print finishing options – like soft touch lamination and embossing – you have many more ways to gain attention.

Remember the importance of the envelope to grab attention.

It can also help to get past the “gatekeepers” who open, sort and distribute incoming post.

Contact us for a print quote for any quantity, colour or size of printed envelopes that you may need.

The content of the mailing can be personalised by variable data printing or you could simply have generic contents and printed labels.

With software like Direct Smile the variable data can even be incorporated into the photograph or image itself.

Step 4 – Direct Mail Fulfilment

We can collate, staple and possibly fold your direct mail printing and stuff into envelopes and seal.

For larger mailings we can machine insert up to 6 items together into a DL, C5 or C4 sized envelope.

One of these inserts can be a booklet – so it is a great way of sending out price lists or catalogues to a highly targeted list of potential clients.

These time-consuming tasks require available space and labour – and we can often save you money by arranging this.

Step 5 – Direct Mail Distribution

We also work with a number of mail delivery and door to door distribution providers.

We always choose the most cost-effective solution for your direct mail printing.

Sometimes you can make substantial savings in postal costs with most of our suppliers.

Royal Mail offer a range of services to match your deadlines and budget.

The cost is usually linked to delivery speeds.

For the smaller mailings we offer franking options – or simply sticking on a stamp.

Sometimes just putting a stamp on the envelope has generated a far better response rate because it is more personalised.

Which brings us full circle around to testing and evaluation.

Step 6 – Evaluation

It is important to assess the effectiveness of your direct mail printing and see if the original objectives were met.

The usual measures include:-

How many responses?

How many appointments?

How many quotations?

How many orders?

If it works it would be sensible to keep doing more of the same.

If it is not working it may be worth experimenting or trying to understand why.

It is worth the time and effort.

How Can We Help?

Without effective direct mail printing as part of your marketing mix you could be missing out.

There are many skilled people who can help to make it work for you.

Direct2Print can help with all aspects of your direct mail campaigns.

We can supply any combination of the steps listed above or co-ordinate the whole campaign from concept to completion.

Call our customer services FREE on 0800 0346 007 during normal office hours.

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