Great Value Websites

Great value websites

Every business needs a good web development strategy and we offer some great value websites.

With design costs of just £199 –  our great value websites are designed for small businesses and sole traders to get more from the Internet.

There is no geographical restriction – because all services are ordered processed and delivered online.

At the same time we aim to offer a personal service and help wherever possible with free support and advice.

Our great value websites are based upon WordPress themed sites.

WordPress websites dominate the internet today because they are easy to manage and are search-engine friendly.

We offer two entry level website design packages that are simple and easy to order online.

Our websites are not just a great price but are professionally built within a few working days by experts.

The websites are mobile and Google-friendly and will help your business stand out from the competition and look professional.

And – they come with a bundle of bolt-on services which are ideal for helping the smaller business or sole traders market their business.

Our great value websites include the registration of a domain name within the price.

This is a very important decision to make and you should spend time in selecting the best available option.

You can check the availability of domain names online and decide on which domain name would be the most suitable for your needs.

Consider names that would help with SEO.

And from a practicality point of view the shorter the email address the better!


Step 1 –  The Essential or Ultimate Website?

The first decision to make is the amount of information you wish to put online.

This translates into the number of web pages required.

The Essential website has a maximum of four pages and the Ultimate website has an unlimited number of pages.

The Essential website costs £199 to set up and the hosting costs £10 per month.

In the majority of cases this basic site can meet the needs of most small business.

The Ultimate website is designed for an unlimited number of pages and costs £399 to set up with hosting costing £20 per month.

We also arrange for free imagery and can help with the copywriting for maximum search engine results.

When writing copy we keep sentences as short as possible.

For your own visual selections  – simply search to find any photos or images that suit your needs using our online photo library.

It is important to have high quality visual images because “pictures are worth a thousand words”.

Poor quality images can detract from the image you wish to project.

On the other hand, if you have good quality photographs you can create your own gallery.

There is nothing better to sell a product or service than case studies and samples of work completed.

We can even help by creating and embedding videos to help boost the visibility of the site.

Great value websites also depend on having secure hosting services.

We offer a reliable and stable service for hosting for a fixed monthly fee – whatever the size of your website.

This covers the security and reliability of the site and can contribute towards the search effectiveness.

If you require a more complex website with e-commerce capability or even digital brochures and apps then contact us and we will provide a more bespoke quote.

Step 2 – Select a Theme

To help get everything started we recommend you pick a WordPress theme that can be adapted to fit your business style.

We offer a number of our own standard themes if you want to get one of our great value websites up and running in days!

Supply your outline copy and any of your own pictures.

Then leave everything else to us.

Step 3 – Making our great value websites work for you!

Creating one of our great value websites is the easy bit.

The hard part is getting found online.

Incorporating the keywords and key phrases that apply to your business is essential.

Research what your customers and potential customers would use to search for your products and services online.

We can help with some on-site optimisation and apply this to your website.

Then we can start up a social media platform and make it easy for you to add blogs and post comments.

We offer an excellent value service where we can provide tailored posts and blogs on your behalf to save you time.

Then we have a number of on-going integrated programmes which are ideal for the smaller business on a small or limited marketing budget.

For the new business we also offer a number of starter pack bundles – where print and digital marketing combine to best effect.

Consider Adwords or E-broadcasts as a means of getting started with online marketing.

Step 4 – Keep abreast of new developments

Finally things are changing all the time.  New ideas, new methods and new technology.

Software is becoming more sophisticated and easier to use.

We can provide free guidance and assistance where needed.

Keep reading and learning and you will get even more from one of our great value websites.

Look for our online hints and tips.

great value website online tips

Check out our own news feed  – this provides plenty of useful advice on digital marketing and is regularly updated.

See our FAQ section for the common questions that may arise when considering one of our great value websites.

Contact us for any other specific help or guidance you may need or to answer any specific questions.

You are welcome to call for free on 0800 0346 007 during normal office hours or email your enquiry.

Step 5 – Get Started

But the best way to learn is to get started and start to put together one of our great value websites for your business yourself.

Put all the pieces of the jigsaw in place and you will get your web development and online marketing off to a flying start!

Free advice and assistance on great value websites

For free advice and assistance on great value websites contact Chris Jepson today!

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