High Quality Business Stationery Printing

High Quality Business Stationery Printing

Even in this digital age there is value to be gained from high quality business stationery printing.

The market for high quality business stationery printing is currently in high demand.

Living in a world being dominated by digital communications makes printed goods increasingly more appreciated.

Print has become one of the best ways to stand out.

As more marketers have realised that physical material is now making a greater impact on recipients, more are starting to order high quality business stationery printing.

Whether it is embossing, spot UV varnishing, die-cutting, foil blocking or any of the other finishes that are part of what we regard as high quality business stationery printing.

This is a great way to stand out from your competition.

 High Quality Business Stationery Printing

Foil Blocking

Foil blocking creates a distinct end result – offering a metallic finish over fine or larger areas.

One of the problems with modern digital and offset printing is that gold often appears to be closer to brown and silver closer to grey!

With foil blocking the metallic effect is very distinct.

Today, foil stamping has found many printing applications.

It is typically used on business cards and invitations – and can be used on letterheads and even envelopes if high quality business stationery printing is required.

It is created by the application of pigment or metallic foil to paper.

A heated die (engraved metal piece) is stamped onto the foil, making it stick to the surface and leaving the design of the die on the paper/card.

The foil is often gold or silver, but can be other opaque colours of your choice.

The main disadvantage of foil blocking is the time and cost of creating a metal die – and sometimes the compatibility of foil blocked stationery to be overprinted using a heat-based laser printer.

The same issue with thermography has largely been resolved.

High Quality Business Stationery Printing


Thermography is commonly used on wedding invitations, letterheads, business cards, greetings cards, gift wrap, packaging and can also be used to print braille text.

It is sometimes used in certificate printing as a low-cost alternative to engraved embossing.

While engraving raises the paper surface, thermographic printing raises the image or type.

This is achieved by sprinkling powdered resin onto wet ink, then heat-fusing it onto the sheet.

The result is a deliciously textured, high gloss finish.

Traditionally used on business cards – now with laser-compatible thermography the application on letterheads has been revived.

High Quality Business Stationery Printing


Embossing results in a raised surface, with the design higher than the surrounding paper area.

Text, logos and other images can all be formed by the embossing method.

Traditional print embossing procedures involve the use of two metal dies – one has a raised surface on it and the other has a mating surface recessed into it.

The two dies fit into one another.

A paper sheet is placed between the two dies and then heat and pressure are applied to squeeze the raised die into the recessed die.

Similar to being pressed by an iron, the paper fibres permanently reshape to take on the intended design.

You tend to see embossing on pieces that aim to impress – presentation folders, business cards, invitations, certificates and brochure covers.

Digital Embossing

New forms of digital embossing have been created.

SCODIX is a digital enhancement process that provides similar effects on digital print products.

Digital Embossing can be specified in two levels of raise. Low Lift and High Lift, depending on the requirement.

Low Lift With Low Lift Emboss the effect is somewhat similar (though there is still much more texture) to the very highest high lift UV varnish.

Also there are the overwhelming advantages of a pin point accurate register, ability to emboss complex shapes and an environmentally friendly process.

High Lift Digital Embossing is absolutely stunning.

It has the excitement of a spot UV varnished, embossed job but with perfect registration and without the matching, deep deboss on the reverse of the sheet below the embossing.

Embossing provides a look of high quality and elegance which a range of different tactile finishes.

The card needs to have a form of lamination for that extra quality feel and the finish can be either gloss, matt or a soft touch laminate finish.

Blind Embossing

Blind embossing is what is referred to when the image is raised up out of the paper.

It leaves an impression in the paper, using pressure instead of ink.

This is done simply by using the force of the machine to push the paper into the metal die.

This very subtle technique can be used on a huge array of different papers and card.

Blind embossing produces incredibly sophisticated invitations & stationery that can be both seen and felt.

It is important to bear in mind when creating artwork or text for blind embossing that the lines of the image or wording are not spaced too closely together.

This runs the risk that there will not be enough room for the image to be effectively formed within the paper.

 High Quality Business Stationery Printing

Die Cutting

Die-cutting is the process used in many different industries to cut a thin flat material (e.g. card) into a specific shape using a steel cutting die.

It can be used to punch out a decorative shape or pattern to incorporate within a larger piece.

Or it can be used to create the main shape of an object by cutting the entire sheet of paper in a distinct/designed way.

We mostly use die-cutting as a feature – taking an industrial process and turning it into a design element.

Though die-cutting can produce unique results, it’s not for every print job.

This is why it’s not very commonly used, and why it can be so distinctive.

A die-cut can add a decorative element or a functional component to a design.

For example – cutting out a rectangle shape in a front cover of a document to display the recipient details on the first printed page.

It’s great for high quality business stationery printing and dies can enhance a product or service.

For example – we use the die shaped like a commercial vehicle for flyers for transport and removal companies.

Online Spot UV  Business Printing at Direct2Print

Finally spot UV varnish business cards can be ordered online from Direct2Print.

They represent great value – being printed on 450gsm thick card with matt laminate finish to both sides and cost dependent upon speed of delivery.

High Quality Business Stationery Printing at Direct2Print

Let us help and advise on any of these or any other special print effects to enhance your image and competitive advantage.

Contact us for free on 0800 0346 007 during normal office hours to discuss.

High Quality Business Stationery Printing at Direct2Print


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