Hotel Printing Service

Hotel Printing Service

Trends impacting on our Hotel Printing Service

There are a few things impacting on our Hotel Printing Service at the moment

  1. Tourism is booming and hotel occupancy rates are at an all-time high. Demand is from both visitors from abroad and those opting for “staycations” in the UK.
  2. Prices are rising rapidly as a result of increasing costs due the value of the pound, the increase in the minimum wage and increasing regulation.
  3. Despite more emphasis on online bookings there has been resurgence in printing high quality promotional stationery as a way to generate business – particularly lucrative events like conferences and weddings.

It appears this is across the board.

From boutique hotels charging upwards of £300 per night to Bed & Breakfast establishments – the demand for print is increasing.

But as always the market is incredibly competitive – and print can provide that vital competitive edge!

Hotel Printing Service

Online Hotel Printing Service for Independent Hotels

So a hotel printing service should be doing very well indeed.

The only problem we have is that the only hotels close to our base in Stourbridge are parts of chains.

There are very few independent establishments within a radius of ten miles and we couldn’t be further from the sea!

Our local tourism is restricted to the Black Country Museum, Dudley Zoo, West Midlands Safari Park and Birmingham.

So – most our hotel printing service is undertaken online.

Our online printing service for hotels does extend to places such as Llandudno, Cornwall and even Ireland.

We may not offer all print products online but we can offer a wide range of standard products.

For example, we have regular monthly orders for wire-bound food safety documents for two of the most prestigious hotels in London.

And – as the TV programme “Hotel Inspector” often shows – many proprietors are not specialists at marketing and often need a lot of help and guidance.

There are also many thousand Bed & Breakfast establishments that need small quantities of digital printing of stationery as well as brochures, flyers and leaflets.

Hotel Printing Service

Online Hotel Printing Service for Boutique Hotels

Selling a premium product and service demands the highest quality of printing.

Owners of boutique hotels are particularly interested in high quality printing products and finishes.

Foil blocking, spot UV varnishing and lamination appeal to the senses that an email can’t get to.

Non-standard sizes, special papers and die-cutting are all used to good effect.

Something as simple as a branded town map to be handed out to guests can be a very effective added value service.

Add a few local suppliers and the whole cost of the print could be self-funded!

Hotel Printing Service


Online Hotel Printing Service for Chain Hotels

For those hotels that are part of a group there is a need to use consistent brand colours, messages and imagery across all hotels – wherever they happen to be located.

This is perfect for an online print management model.

The print supplier prints on demand and manages the whole process.

This helps to control the quality of the brand message and offers a consolidated cost.

We can provide a very personalised and super slick print ordering service.

Hotel Printing Service

Popular products for the Hotel Printing Service

There are more than 25,000 hotels in the UK.

All require vast amounts of print from registration cards, “do not disturb” door hangers, in-room information folders, menus, outdoor banners, signage and posters to all forms of marketing collateral.

In addition, there is a requirement for large volumes of standard business stationery like business cards, letterheads and compliment slips.

And while the internet is useful for discovering the best rates and bookings, print reaches parts online marketing can’t reach.

Brochures on weddings, sports or cultural breaks, spa breaks, conferences and training courses, Christmas and seasonal special offers remain the mainstay of marketing activity.

With so many opportunities for fast digital printing we need to try and reach this expanding market.

One area we are exploring is a special log on page to change names, phone numbers and other variable data fields whilst retaining the integrity of the brand.

Direct Mail for our Hotel Printing Service

A lot of hotels are happy to spend huge sums of money to be part of online booking agencies, sheltering under their marketing power, rather than create a separate presence.

Direct mail has become a very effective way of generating business.

The hotel will usually have access to a good database of previous visitors but they do not make use of them.

Email may be a cheaper option but it doesn’t generate anything like the same sort of response.

Even the simple “NO VACANCIES” sign can be an effective piece of marketing.

Final Thought

Most digital market leaders – like Google and Microsoft – are amongst the major purchasers of print.

And now even AIRBNB is not exclusively a digital booking operation.

The company is publishing a printed 128 page magazine as a way of building the brand.

The magazine is available through all AIRBNB hosts throughout the world and can also be purchased through the website or from a network of stores.

So – a hotel printing service appeals to all!

For more details on our hotel printing service call free on 0800 0346 007.


Hotel Printing Service

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