Marketing your Small Business

Marketing your Small Business

Running your own small business requires skills in many areas.

Creating and growing customers is the most important function of any small business owner.

The activities that you perform to convert prospects into customers are generally grouped under the umbrella of “marketing”.

Sometimes business comes to you – but in most cases you have to invest in marketing your products or services.

If you do not possess skills in this area it is important that you get help and support to help you stand out from your competitors.

Marketing your small business can be just part of the service provided by Direct2Print.

Marketing your Small Business

The company image or corporate identity is a good starting point.

First impressions are very important – and this applies to your premises, your van or your employees.

However, in many cases the first impression is your created by your business stationery or promotional literature, your website or an advertisement.

Here are just some of the marketing services that can help give you a competitive advantage:-

Strategically Marketing your Small Business

Strategy is just as important for the small business – because it provides the structure for all business planning and investment.

What makes your business different?

Why should customers select your products or services?

Get your strategy right and the business will prosper.

It is worth taking time to create and adapt your strategy for the market conditions.

All communications should highlight the key benefits – ideally these should be your unique selling proposition.

Direct2Print can provide you with a strategic analysis of your business to plan your way ahead.

We will look at the strengths and weaknesses of your business and plan your most cost-effective communications strategy.

Graphic Design & Brand Control

Creating a logo and a corporate identity is an important aspect of marketing your small business.

A homemade logo, website and unprofessional communications make you come across as a poor business.

There’s nothing wrong starting out life with a home-made logo if you are short of funds – but there will come a time when you will lose business.

Design is an investment – not an expense.

Good design helps you compete with competitors many times your own size and can be the best business investment you can make.

Your corporate identity should be practical and easy to apply across all forms of applications.

Colour, typeface and style should be consistently applied and controlled.

We offer graphic design services as well as digital asset management and a fixed cost online artwork offer price.

This is the starting point for marketing your small business.

Website Design & Digitally Marketing your Small Business

Google is the new High Street and Yellow Pages combined!

A good website is  a pre-requisite for businesses of all sizes – even the sole tradesman.

We offer some great value websites as a means of marketing your small business.

Most of your customers will have found or researched your business online.

Your website has to be mobile-friendly and a source of interest and valuable content.

Your website also has to be regularly updated.

And with our own costs starting at just £199 there is no reason why any business does not have a web presence.

But an on-going investment in time and money is usually required so that prospective customers can find you.

If you lack the time or experience to undertake this activity we can help with search engine optimisation and social media marketing.

Printing & Direct Marketing your Small Business

Even in this digital times – printing remains the most effective method to gain new business.

Leaflets, postcards, brochures, business cards are just some of the printed products that are essential ways of marketing your small business.

For small quantities that can be targeted and personalised there is digital printing.

For larger quantities there is the offset litho printing.

For printing on plastic and clothing there are various options – and you do not always need to order large quantities.

They offer something tangible that can be felt, absorbed and can prompt action or saved for when the requirement is more immediate.

They can be used as the basis for a direct mail programme or for other forms of direct marketing.

Printing can be very effective and measurable – it is a mistake to depend totally on online marketing.

Some of the biggest spenders on promotional print are the successful online businesses – including Google!

Free Help & Advice on Marketing your Small Business

If you want to get some free help and advice on marketing your small business feel free to get in touch.

Our help is free of charge and we offer some great Starter Packs that can be tailored to any new or start up business.

For those companies looking to accelerate their growth and invest in marketing we have a Growthplan Scheme.

We will outline

  1. The 13 marketing Secrets of a successful small businesses
  2. How to build your business into a brand
  3. How to build compelling marketing campaigns
  4. How to get the most from traditional and digital marketing that works together.

Our unique benefit is the ability to co-ordinate and  integrate all your marketing communications.

Call Chris Jepson on 0800 0346 007 for more information and an initial discussion without any obligation.

Marketing your Small Business

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