Moving Premises

Moving Premises

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Moving to a new house can be one of your most stressful experiences.

Well it is nothing to moving premises if you are business – especially if you are in the print business!

And especially if you have not previously moved for nearly 36 years!

The problem with print is that equipment has a long life cycle and stock very rarely becomes obsolete.

Which means that we are great hoarders of all things that some customer might want at some point in the future.

Sadly – that is very rarely the case, but we can’t bear to throw away even a pack of old envelopes when even the seal has dried up!


Moving Print Equipment

Digital Printing Growth

Very often the smaller the premises the more difficult the move.

The main problem is moving bulky items around corners, through tight spaces, up or down steps or even in and out of windows and roofs.

The cost of moving this machinery can often exceed the value of the equipment.

And it only takes a small mistake to damage it beyond economic repair.


The End of Litho Print!

Print management

After all the upheaval – we are left with just the remnants of the offset litho print age!

The workhorses for virtually every company’s printing are feeling the impact of Darwin’s theories of survival and evolution.

The value has been reduced to metal value only.

It’s just a shame we can’t get it out and leave it at the roadside so the metal collectors can drive past and load up their flatbed truck!

The chemicals are another part of this bygone era.

Blanket wash that has not been used, plate cleaners and even hundreds of tins of ink and various ink mixes reflecting almost all combinations of pantones.

Trying to get rid of these in an ethical and responsible way has proved to be a major task.


Digital Print is the Future

The digital market is a bit different – as explained in previous blogs.

Equipment is still heavy and awkward, but it is modular.

It is easier to pull apart and put back together.

Toners are easy to store and transport.

And finishing equipment is designed for the High Street Copyshop environment rather than the large production print operation.

Fortunately, this is the one sector in the print industry where the future is looking good.


The Digital Print Shop of the Future

What has happened to high street print?

We have moved from the outer commercial area of town right into the centre of town.

The business model is changing and already several new opportunities have presented themselves.

The Internet print market is growing fast – and we still develop our online document printing service and service new and regular clients throughout the UK.

But there are new and interesting new products and services we are launching following our move.


The New Business Model

Celebrity Cut outs

The commodity print business for urgent delivery is still strong.

Customers often leave the planning late or realise they have run out of business cards a day or so before an important meeting or a conference.

And there is still a need for specialist help – particularly in preparing print-ready artwork.

Large Format printing requires high quality, high resolution photography and design.

3D Printing is sophisticated stuff, but the software side requires expert assistance.

We are also selling Celebrity Cut Outs costing £39.95 life size and £19.95 at desktop size – and these prices include VAT!

Final Warning!

The majority of suppliers are very co-operative but beware the sharks – usually in the form of your telephone and broadband suppliers.

If they feel they are going to lose your business they will refer to some obscure Terms & Conditions you may have agreed to many year before that meant you had to give 90 days notice in writing!

Always plan ahead and keep anything that may be used as evidence in the future – it increases the stress levels.

And you are not offered the same level of protection as a consumer.

Which makes moving home a piece of cake!

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