Online Print Management

Online Print Management

Direct2Print corporate customers can now enjoy the benefit of an online print management service.

This will be of particular value if you a large number of offices or individuals working remotely who need access to corporate printed materials.

The system is also of value to franchisors who can manage and control the corporate identity of the franchise.

What is online print management?

Print management is a very effective and successful way of managing your print expenditure.

Companies such as Xerox provide a range of online print management services.

It is popular with most of the world’s largest corporations and typically can save anything between 20% to 30% of the total print spend.

The large print management companies do not run their own production facilities but simply tender the work to a selection of nominated suppliers.

The investment is in the software and the convenience of the inter-reaction with the client.

Direct2Print offer a print management service on a much smaller scale to smaller businesses.

The service has been extended into other multi-operational businesses or educational establishments.

Having one print supplier for a multitude of different print products reduces administration and cost.

Our online print management system is just one aspect of the service that can be designed to save you time and improve efficiency.

  • We set up an online portal

The first step is to create a custom online print management site with your own user name and log in password.

We upload print products which are re-ordered on a frequent basis or which may require some artwork customisation.

The products we store and upload would typically be business cards, stationery, NCR books, leaflets, proposals or marketing collateral.

The framework of the printed product is “print – ready” by locking down elements of the template and keeping them fixed.

There can be a variable element – such as a time-related offer, personalised email or telephone number or any other part of the design.

You are in control and can amend and proof this change in a matter of seconds!

  • No waiting for print quotes – order 24/7

The contract prices are also displayed online.

So there is no waiting around for print quotes – which is one of the weaknesses of traditional print management services.

If it is a simple re-order you can press a button and the order is processed in an instant.

The order can then be added to the “cart” and completed by payment or uploading a Purchase Order number.

In other words – offering the same convenience as our online printing services for digital or full colour offset litho printing.

  • Select your print product

There is no limit to the number of products that can be held within your own bespoke online print management system.

However, there is a one-off initial set up fee which applies to every template.

So it may not be required for every print product.

However, it is particularly useful for business card ordering.

Even for a single business card order traditional print management companies can take many weeks to deliver.

With online print management the order can be delivered within a couple of days.

Log on, choose your product, select quantity and send to print.

  • Customise your artwork

The main difference with one of our online printing services is that you can customise your own artwork.

This extra step option is the real unique benefit – the ability to customise your artwork online.

It is very easy to do – no graphic design skills are required.

You simply type in the changes in a text box.

The software converts it to the correct font, the correct colour and the correct position.

When setting up the templates you decide which fields can be changed and which remain fixed.

For example – often just the name, mobile number and email address need to be amended for a new set of business cards.

  • Confirm your order

Your screen shows the online proof in the correct format – so you can simply proof and now send to print.

They are then printed and delivered – so the quality is consistent – wherever you are based.

Every print job remains the same wherever it is ordered from – and the costs are set to a budget.

A great way to control your brand as well as your print costs!

Benefits of Online Print Management

  1. Ideal for high volume corporate clients
  2. No software download or desktop application required
  3. Log in from any computer, anywhere, anytime
  4. Reduces time and cost of small value orders
  5. Makes the print order process simple and easy
  6. Controls the print quality of popular print products
  7. Is a free added value service after initial template set-up fee
  8. Forms the basis of a good long-term business partnership

If you are interested in this new online print management service contact us for more information.

Call free on 0800 0346 007 during normal office hours.

Online Print Management

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