Printed Business Cards

Full colour printed business cards

Printed Business Cards

Printed Business Cards will live forever!

The humble business card has evolved into the single most important  investment any small business is likely to make.

Despite working in a print industry of declining volumes we have seen the business card become a vital piece of company printing.

Adding a QR code is an easy and an effective way to combine the digital part of your marketing mix.

Business cards say a lot about you and your business.

If you have time I would recommend you view the American Psycho business cards scene video.

Scenes like this are not too far-fetched – especially in the corporate world!

Networking is now such an important part of the marketing mix for small businesses.

Having a distinctive and high quality business card that projects a good image is absolutely vital.

Business cards have always been the most popular product for online printing.

Companies such as have been launched on the back of providing business cards online.

Although the very cheap and thin online printed cards do not always create the best impression for a business trying to reflect a quality image.

However, professional graphic design services to maximise the layout effectiveness can be w worthwhile investment.

At Direct2Print we offer a business card design service for a fixed fee of £40 plus VAT.

We would also help to recommend the most appropriate type of card for your business.

Digitally printed cards can be produced on a wide range of different textures.

Sometimes you may wish to be able to write on the card or sometimes you would prefer a laminate finish.

Laminating provides extra protection and bulk to make the card feel more substantial.

Business cards can be printed single or double-sided and by a variety of printing methods.

Direct2Print offer four principal categories of printed business card:

  1. Digitally printed business cards
  2. Litho printed business cards
  3. Luxury printed business cards
  4. Plastic printed business cards

Digital Printed Business Cards

The benefit of digital business cards is that you need only order small quantities and they can be printed quickly.

We have been known to design, print, cut and box up a new set of business cards within an hour.

We usually digitally print on three principal types of card at 350gsm.

Plain white “ivory” board remains the most popular choice.  We also offer silk or gloss card but they are less suitable for lamination and also tend to feel thinner.

However, they are a popular budget business card option when needed in a hurry.

Our digitally printed business cards can be ordered easily online with same day collection or free next day delivery.

The other advantage of digital print is that there are usually more options of textured cards.

Laid textured, hammer embossed or linen textured card are all popular options for digitally printed business cards.

We also frequently use a nice textured recycled cards for companies wishing to demonstrate their environmental credentials.

Litho Printed Business Cards

If you need larger quantities of printed business cards or very thick 400gsm or 450gsm stock then we would recommend using our litho printing alternatives.

Here you can choose from a wide range of options including our standard printed business cards with a matt, gloss or velvet lamination.

The cost of these cards has more than halved over the last couple of years as volumes increase due to popularity.

They also lend themselves to online print.

Luxury Printed Business Cards

Luxury printed business cards are printed on extra thick card of 700gsm or more – and are an ideal solution for those people who really want to create a good impression.

There are a number of special finishes that can be applied including

  1. Embossed printed business cards so your print literally “stands out”.
  2. Spot UV varnish or digital embossed business cards for that extra special touch and feel.
  3. Foiled printed business cards can have a “metallic foil effect” printed either on a coated or uncoated card.
  4. Shaped and printed business cards that can have all sorts of finishes applied – and die-cut to be distinctive and relate to your business. They can even be folded to contain a considerable amount of vital information about your business.

Plastic Printed Business Cards

Plastic printed business cards are not just used to scrape ice off the windscreens on frosty mornings.

They are particularly suitable for repair tradesmen.

We can even supply them with magnetic properties so they can be attached to any metal surface.

After all – if your washing machine is leaking water you don’t want to spend your time searching through Yellow Pages or undertaking an internet search for a plumber!

Special business card printing offers

Why not get a co-ordinated business printing pack or see one of our special offers for a great value package.

Keep a look out for our special offers for business card printing and grab yourself a real bargain.

For more details on our business card ranges give me a call free of charge on 0800 0346 007 or contact me by email and I will get back to you.

Online Printing Specialist

Chris Jepson – Managing Director, Direct2Print Limited

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