Printed Corporate Clothing

Printed corporate clothing

Staff can be supplied with a wide range of casual and formal printed corporate clothing from Direct2Print.

This can be in the anything from fleeces and hoodies, to smart uniforms or waterproof protective printed corporate clothing.

All can have simply a logo or text added in a number of possible positions.

With Health & Safety legislation certain employers now have a responsibility to offer suitable work-wear such as high visibility jackets, protective headwear and footwear.

This creates a branding opportunity – even for the small business to provide printed corporate clothing.

And with an increasing emphasis on security and safety we now also produce a wide range of individual name badges, ID cards and printed lanyards.

These can be for permanent daily usage or for conferences, training courses or exhibitions.

One new digitally printed product are wristbands launched this month at Direct2Print.

These are made from never-tear material that can be used for events, concerts or parties.

Three Main Benefits of Printed Corporate Clothing

  1. They can be tax efficient. According to Pay & Benefits Magazine, if you give your employees any clothing that could feasibly be worn as ‘everyday’ clothing, then it may be considered a taxable company benefit.  Make sure your logo is printed or embroidered on all workwear, so there’s no question that it’s designed for the workplace, and only for the workplace.
  2. It’s More Effective as an Advertising Tool Than TV or Radio.   A 2011 Sawyer Business School study set out to answer the question: “Are uniforms an effective marketing tool?”  Nearly three quarters (73.4%) of all respondents – across several industries – said that uniform programmes are more effective than TV advertising. More than 70% said they’re more effective than radio, newspaper or display advertising. And more than half (56.1%) said they were more effective than internet advertising.  There you have it – printed corporate clothing could be just the advertising tool your business needs!
  3. Embroidered Workwear Might Help Increase Productivity.  A study by FPC International revealed that 49% of mid- and entry-level employees believed that casual clothing was a productivity destroyer. In the pharmaceutical, chemical and biomedical industries, the sentiment was even more pronounced, with more than half of all employees agreeing. So if you’re worried about your employees’ work attitudes, maybe it’s time to switch to printed corporate clothing to instil a sense of corporate pride. A large proportion of employers and employees believe that we should all start wearing smart, corporate clothing again.

Methods of Printing

Embroidery is the most popular method of applying a logo or design to garments.

It can also be used on almost any fabric ensuring a great result.

There is usually a set-up charge for any embroidered text and logo of anything between £5 and £50.

Then it’s priced at a unit cost per garment.

We also use screen print and transfer machinery printing.

Which means that we can offer a comprehensive, low priced service to all our customers when ordering certain quantities of printed corporate clothing.

With our No-Minimum website there is no set-up charge – you can order just one item of printed corporate clothing quickly and easily online.

Printed Corporate Clothing – Work-wear

Just think of the number of industries that use printed corporate clothing to gain a competitive advantage.

Plumbers, security guards, fitters, mechanics and many more tradesmen of all sorts are beginning to realise the value of company image.

At the same time the work-wear is constantly being designed to be practical and protective.

For example, if you run a Spa & Beauty Clinic we can supply beauty tunics, spa tunics, salon tunics, salon trousers, spa trousers and beauty trousers.

Or alternatively, if you are providing stewards or security guards we offer a range of protective and waterproofed printed corporate clothing.

All available with high visibility characteristics.

Printed Corporate Clothing – Company Uniforms

For those businesses in an office or retail environment the company uniform is very important.

Some industries invest large sums in the design and styling – such as airlines like Virgin employing the likes of Vivian Westwood.

Similarly, walk into any High Street shop and you will usually find staff in printed corporate clothing.

We can help in putting together a package as part of a company image overhaul or a single project.

Printed Corporate Clothing – Hospitality & Gifts

It is often even more important for competitive advantage outside the usual business premises.

We supply sweatshirts, t-shirts and trousers for companies attending exhibitions or special events away from base.

In our bar, restaurant and hospitality section where you can find bar shirts, bar blouses, bar waistcoats, bar aprons and much more.

Printed corporate clothing reflects an image of professionalism.

They can even be used as a high quality give-away promotional gift.

Name Badges, ID Cards & Printed Lanyards 

If your budget doesn’t stretch to printed corporate clothing have a look at the wide range of printed name badges, ID cards and lanyards we can supply.

We offer permanent name badges, passes and ID cards for all sorts of applications.

Button badges and enamel badges are popular in the retail environment where they display the name of the person serving the customer.

Magnetic name badges are generally more popular in the B2B environment because there is no need to put a pin through personal clothing.

ID Card holders are now seen in most schools and colleges as well as factories and offices where visitors need to move around the premises.

The inserts can be just handwritten, printed or simply just have a simple “Visitor” insert.

Printed ID cards

Lanyards can be plain or printed – and usually available in a range of colours to complement your corporate identity.

So the next time you want to look at the options for printed corporate clothing contact Direct2Print for a quote.

Call free on 0800 0346 007 during normal business hours or complete our online print quote form.

Free advice and assistance on your printed corporate clothing


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