Printed Envelopes

When it comes to business image and impression – printed envelopes can be very significant.

You wouldn’t normally give someone an expensive present unwrapped or in a cheap carrier or paper bag.

Companies can typically spend £5 for a high quality brochure only to post it in a thin manila envelope.

When the envelope arrives it can be damaged or put to one side along with the bills!

Select good quality envelopes and consider the use of printed envelopes.

They can add to your image and brand.

Envelopes come in many shapes and styles

Printed envelopes

Take advantage in the wide range of envelopes that are currently available as stock items.

With digital printing these can sometimes be overprinted in one or full colour.

The merits of posting need to be regularly reviewed – and the envelopes you buy need to be cost-effective not cheap!

Postal Costs are Increasing Again!

There are differing views about the wisdom of using plain or printed envelopes.

But with yet another postage cost increase coming into effect on March 27th it is important for small businesses to get maximum benefit from their mailings.

Direct mail may be in decline but it remains a very effective form of marketing in the right circumstances.

The cost of the envelope and the contents probably cost less than the postage alone – so it is important to consider all the implications.

The most important factor to consider is to use a good quality protective material.

Going through the automated postal system can damage the contents or appearance.

Remember, it’s not guaranteed the envelope will make a business a sale but it’s more likely the right envelope will get opened.

The importance of printed envelopes

Printed envelopes can be so much more than just the ‘containers’ of your printing.

An envelope is the first thing that creates an impression or carries a message.

So it not only needs to have provided protection it also needs to stand out.

In case of direct mail campaigns, this often makes them the single determining factor of whether the recipient will even bother opening the letter.

So even if you have the most attractive and impressive catalogue or brochure, it may never get to see the light of day if it’s sitting insidiously inside a damaged or a boring or unattractive envelope with no personality!

The argument for personalised addressing on a high quality plain envelope is put forward by those who send mail to larger businesses where there are one or more administrative levels to penetrate.

Making the direct mail look important – with printed comments like “For addressee only” or “Private & Confidential” helps it go directly to the intended recipient.

Digitally Printed Envelopes

Choosing the right type of envelope and where possible making it unique is just one of other the factors that can help make the correspondence more important than many people realise.

Colour is an important factor. Some experts claim that a coloured envelope can increase response rates by as much as 40%.

Apparently, yellow gives the best response rate for direct mail and black is viewed as the most prestigious colour.

Subtle colours such as ivory, cream or grey reflect an elegance that seems to work well for some products and services.

Window envelopes work best when the envelopes are made out of deep coloured papers – simply for reasons of legibility and avoiding delays at the sorting office.

And there has been a major growth in a declining market for full colour printed envelopes.

Which is great – now that they can be digitally printed in small quantities and on-Demand here at our own production centre.

With digital printing your printed envelopes now can carry a message as well as the company logos to create the right impression.

7 things to consider before ordering printed envelopes

  1. Think about what materials you need for protection – paper, board, bubble-wrap etc.  Envelopes hold gifts, mementos and personal objects – so think of best method of protection.
  2. Investigate the wide range of standard envelope formats and styles to find the best off-the-shelf options. If you select a bespoke size it often costs you more for the printed inserts as well as the envelope itself. Remember to postal cost implications of size – which is why A5 sized envelopes, have increased in popularity.
  3. If you’re going to go for a bespoke print format that will require a bespoke envelope, plan ahead accordingly and speak to suppliers about the timescales involved.
  4. Think about the weight and thickness of items such as brochures, and what sort of envelope will be required to ensure they arrive in good condition.
  5. Consider the sealing method – gummed envelopes have a far shorter life than the peel and stick variety because they dry out. They also take a lot longer to seal!
  6. Don’t leave the envelope decision until last! They often take longer to print than the materials that will go inside them. Bespoke envelopes that need to be made up can add a week or two to the delivery date.
  7. Think about the most effective method of addressing the envelopes – direct laser print onto the envelope, labels and window envelopes all have their benefits according to particular applications.

Pre – Printed Envelopes

We also can source some pre-printed envelopes where many clients share the design and printing costs.

For example, for charities we can offer standard Donation Envelopes.

The size and artwork can be applied across all forms of charities – saving considerable cost and resulting in lower order quantities.

If you are considering direct mail – remember we can also digitally print your reply-paid envelopes in single colour black.

Whether you need thousands or just one printed envelope – we can offer a great price!

For a custom quote go to and we will advise you on the best options.

Alternatively call free on 0800 0346 007 to discuss your printed envelope order requirements.

Printed envelope offers

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