Printed Leaflets

Printed leaflets

Printed Leaflets

The Flexibility and Benefits of Printed Leaflets

Printed leaflets or flyers remain one of the most effective forms of marketing for small businesses.

The difference in terminology between a flyer and a leaflet usually refers to whether the printed item is folded or not.

Printed leaflets are usually folded for insertion into an envelope.

And in these days of getting maximum value from your budget they are usually printed on each side of a standard preferred A size – either as A4, A5 or A6.

The concept is simple.

Calculate your total project costs.

This should include the design, print and distribution costs.

Then evaluate your campaign.

If it works and meets your objectives – repeat the exercise.

The 5 main benefits of printed leaflets

  1. They are tangible.  Printed leaflets can be felt and held – so can be supplied on a variety of different papers and cards.  With our online printing we offer a simple choice of either matt or silk papers but we can also offer many different types of paper and card.  They can also be printed in all shapes and sizes.
  2. They are measurable.  Having a time-limited offer on the leaflet is just one of the ways that printed leaflets can be measured for cost-effectiveness.  If the campaign works – keep repeating it!
  3. They can be targeted.  The content can be targeted to specific target markets using variable data and image techniques making them more relevant or appropriate for specific industries.
  4. They can be personalised.  The content can even be personalised to each individual recipient by name or any other factor that you can provide on a CSV database.
  5. They are affordable.  They are usually printed full colour these days but we do offer mono online printing  for those on a very tight budget.  The unit cost of the printed leaflets decreases rapidly according to volume and speed of delivery and they are also usually zero-rated for VAT.

The quality of the design, the printing and the method of distribution will impact upon the ability to generate a response from your printed leaflets.

The method of printing will depend upon the quantity required and the speed of delivery.

Printed leaflet design

This requires graphic design capability.  Do not expect results if the leaflet design is poor.  You will need to keep the text brief and focus on only a small number of your key benefits.

We can provide a very cost-effective design service for just £40 if you order your printed leaflets online.

We will also offer design tips in future blogs or simply call us for general free advice and assistance.

Digitally printed leaflets

Digital printing means you do not have to print all your leaflets at the same time – you can print when you need them.  They can also be easily personalised with digital print using variable data software.

Digital printing allows for easily testing the effectiveness of different designs and target markets.

Litho printed leaflets

The balance between quantity and delivery is apparent with our online leaflet printing service or our huge range of flyers available online.

We also offer leaflets as part of our £99 Special Offer promotions – with 10,000 double-sided full colour flyers for just £99.

Printed leaflet distribution

When the leaflets have been printed it is important to consider the most cost-effective method of distribution.

Direct mail remains one of the most expensive methods although it can be highly effective.

Consider personalisation with variable data as a means to improve response.

In addition, remember that anything larger than C5 envelopes increases the postage cost to “large letter size”.

We can also arrange for door to door distribution of your leaflets or insertion into local newspapers or trade publications.

Door to door distribution of printed leaflets can be targeted by post code.

Printed leaflet response rates

For every 1000 printed leaflets you would normally expect an average response rate of 1% or 10 enquiries.

This would usually depend on the degree of targeting and the value of the offer.

Leaflets designed to distribute at an exhibition, or put in a display dispenser may not have the same sort of success ratio.

Or they may just be used to increase awareness.

In our case, we simply insert leaflets into bags and packaging when we complete printed work so there is no distribution cost.

However, in most cases the leaflet pays for itself many times over.

This is especially true if there is a clear call to action and a way of measuring the value of an enquiry or any sale that is generated.

Printed leaflet case studies

We can provide a number of case studies that quantify the effectiveness of printed leaflets.

Leaflets are effective for most industries and markets.

One particularly effective sector is Estate Agency.

They are ideal ways to target areas in demand by particular street, road or area.

If you want more information on how printed leaflets increase your sales contact Direct2Print.

Free advice on printed leaflets

Download or view our artwork guidelines and see our online support.

Don’t forget to put a QR code on the leaflets.  The recipient can scan the code and can instantly link to a website special offer, photographs or possibly a testimonial page.

If you want to discuss your project then feel free to call us on 0800 0346 007 during normal working hours or send quotation form.


Printed leaflets from Direct2Print

Contact Chris Jepson for help and support regarding printed leaflets

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