Printed Menus

Printed Menus

Printed Menus

Printed menus mean so much more than a just a list of the food and drink you serve.

At Direct2Print we provide a very wide range of high quality printed menus, menu covers and menu cover inserts.

They are designed to serve any application, quality of establishment or budget.

If you get your printed menus wrong – you are off to a bad start.

Get them right and you immediately impress your customers in one of the most competitive industries around.

So, if you want to create the right first impression – make sure you start well and  invest in high quality design and print services.

Make your printed menus legible and show off the dishes you serve in the most attractive way possible.

Remember, the cost represents only a small fraction of the total cost of the meal.

Printed Menu Designs

At Direct2Print we aim to design unique and stylish menus.

We use the following design basics of printed menus:-

  1. Use clear and bold typography and contrasting colours
  2. Write descriptive and interesting copy for each dish
  3. Put food into logical sections and have clear, aligned prices
  4. Use lines and text boxes to make it easy to follow.
  5. Only use good illustrations and photographs

Photos of food have to be very good – they can make all the difference.

Food is not easy to photograph yourself.

We have access to a large image library and even offer a £40 fixed cost design fee if you order printed menus online.

From single sheets, to fancy fold-outs or multi-page booklets, our primary aim is to market your food and beverages in the ‘correct’ way to the ‘correct’ people.

There is a psychology into how people read menus.

With the right layout and  design they can actually help sell your food and drinks.

Our designs guide and introduce your customers to your specialities.

We can typeset, design and print bespoke menus ranging from a basic takeaway restaurant menu to a Michelin-starred restaurant menu.

We have provided printed menus for some of the most prestigious restaurants in the country.

Our printed menus are also enhanced by our vast range of menu cover designs which cater for every type of restaurant,  café, bar and pub menus.

Digital print or litho print?

The best method of print depends upon the quantity required.

We can print any quantity and any type.

If you just need a handful of laminated menus go to our digital print option .

With digital printing we can even print on different textured stock.

If you need larger quantities of menus or printed takeaway menus you can get some great online prices from our print production website.

The range of online printed menu options is now quite extensive.

Printed menus for restaurants, hotels, cafes, takeaways and even wedding parties can vary in size from the very small to the very large.

You will find standard sizes online or we can create custom sizes for your own requirements with a print quote.

The Lifespan of your Printed Menus.

The weight of paper or card your menu is printed on, its texture and finish, will contribute to the lifespan of your menus.

We have printed menus that can have a double-use as a table mat.

These can be wiped clean if they are within one of our desk-mat covers.

Alternatively, if they are printed on paper they can then disposed of immediately after use.

However, printed menus are often gloss or matt laminated or printed on special tear-proof paper so that they can also be cleaned and repeatedly used.

Printed menus with laminated protection

Printed Menu Covers and Acrylic Holders

We have even been known to print onto leather and wooden covers.

One of the most economic alternatives is to have an outer cover or holder and insert printed sheets that can be varied on a daily basis.

A popular table top menu in our range is the acrylic menu holder, offering multiple sides and shapes.

This particular range of table top menus is ideal for displaying various types of menus over a longer period of time.

You simply print onto a thin card so it can be easily inserted into the acrylic stand.

Large Format Printed Menus

Remember we can also supply chalkboards, display cases, pavement signs and even illuminated large format internal retail displays.

The secret is to find the formula that works best for your own event or establishment that makes selection for your customers quick and easy.

For more information on printed menus call free on 0800 0346 007 or complete our online quotation request form.

Printed leaflets from Direct2Print

Contact Chris Jepson for help and advice on your printed menus

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