Printed Orders of Service

Printed orders of service for weddings

Over the years we have provided many and varied printed Orders of Service to our clients.

Printed Orders of Service are used to guide guests through a service and provide the words for hymns and prayers.

The style often depends upon the church denomination, the country you come from and the wishes of the family or friends.

However, the general rule when designing an Order of Service is that there are no rules.

Some are short and basic and others are quite long and made into a booklet format.

They are typically made up to finished A5 size – so they are easier to hold

We have printed Orders of Service on a wide range of papers and cards.

The most popular remain the white or ivory shades of card or certain recycled grades with an off-white colour and slight textured finish.

Sometimes we have printed Orders of Service that would put many businesses to shame for their high quality and appearance.

They are often retained and act as mementoes.

They can be kept as a keepsake or distributed to those peole who were unable to attend the actual service itself.

With both printed Orders of Service for weddings and funerals the typical quantities required are usually small.

As a result, they lend themselves to Digital Printing.

Printed Orders of Service for Weddings

Printed Order of Service for wedding

Wedding printing gives you the opportunity to be creative with your designs.

It is usually popular to co-ordinate the same design throughout – from the “Save the Date” card through to the “Thank You” cards.

Colours and design for the printed Orders of Service often follow a particular theme.

Some prefer plain text only and a simple style – others make maximum use of colour or images.

Our Wedding Printing page outlines the many styles of printed Orders of Service we can provide.

There are many creative papers and cards and special finishes that can also be applied.

Ribbons and glitter can be added after the printing to offer a personal touch.

Fortunately, with wedding printing there is usually less of a rush.

Nowadays weddings are planned many months in advance – so there is plenty of time to get the design right.

Whereas with funerals there is usually a very tight deadline.

Printed Orders of Service for Funerals

Printed Order of Service for funeral

A printed Order of Service is almost a pre-requisite at any funeral.

They are often one of the least costly items at a funeral but remain one of the most important.

For many of our customers, a printed Order of Service helps to create a valued memento.

The theme is again either simple text only or the use of photographs or images usually linked to the hobbies or interests of the deceased.

We have printed Orders of Service with themes as diverse as gardening, fishing, sport, music and the armed services.

Our Funeral Printing page outlines samples of the many styles of printed Orders of Service we can provide.

We are sometimes asked about copyright laws for reproducing images, music or hymns and poems.

There is usually no problem with copyright, especially if the writer of the hymns or poems has been dead for 71 years or more.

Other images are usually royalty-free and as long as the Church or Crematorium has a CCL licence (  there is usally no need for any additional licence for hymns or music.

There is also the added financial benefit that Orders of Service for funerals are zero-rated for VAT (see public notice 701/32 paragraph 3.3 for more information).

So there is some financial benefit with death after all!

Online Printed Orders of Service

Many of our customers like to design their own artwork for printed Orders of Service – whether for a funeral or a wedding.

Printing online is easy.  You simply upload a PDF of the artwork and follow the 5 easy steps to order online.

The printed Orders of Service are usually delivered back to you within a couple of working days.

On some occasions we have been known to print and deliver within a few hours!

We offer the standard options and print either full colour or just black on white paper or card.

For more specialist papers and cards it would be best to call our Customer Services on 0800 0347 007 or complete our Print Quote form.

If you order your printed Orders of Service online there is always the fixed cost £40 plus VAT artwork special offer.

This is ideal for those customers who need help and assistance with the design so that their memories can be preserved.

For more information contact us early in the order process for free advice and guidance.

Whatever you require for your printed Orders of Service we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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For free guidance and assistance on your printed Orders of Service contact Chris Jepson free on 0800 0346 007

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