Printed Packaging Materials

Printed Packaging Materials


By purchasing printed packaging materials, you can gain competitive advantage for your business.

If you can make the packaging striking and distinctive it will help to catch the eye and create the right first impression.

If it is poorly presented it is likely to be regarded as a second-rate product and is likely to stay on the shelf.

The larger FMCG companies spend vast amounts of money on researching the impact of printed packaging materials in the retail environment.

Smaller companies can take some of their creative ideas and apply them to their own products.

Bespoke printed packaging materials are a great way of extending your brand.

Bespoke packaging can demonstrate a greater degree of professionalism to your customers.

And with digital printing you no longer always need to order large quantities.

Digitally Printed Packaging Materials

Digital printing technology is advancing all the time.

According to Smithers Pira Research printed packaging materials is regarded as one of the main growth opportunities.

Digital full colour printing is now possible on a wide range of plastics, cards, metals and tapes.

Digital print is great for high quality short to medium runs of custom printed packaging materials.

Generally speaking, it is more expensive per unit but it can add value to your products and company image.

This makes it a good solution for high quality products where printed packaging materials are manufactured in lower volumes.

We can source a wide range of printed boxes, cartons, bags, labels, tags and wrapping papers.

Our range is suitable for all types of small businesses.

In particular it would appeal to smaller retailers, gift shops and boutiques.

Printed Boxes and Cartons

Having your own custom printed boxes and cartons opens up new avenues for communication with your customers.

Instructions can be printed onto the box, or even special offers and invitations for customer feedback.

They are also a great way to communicate with the people handling your boxes through the supply chain.

Printing instructions such as ‘This Way Up’ onto your boxes ensures that the message is clear.

Custom boxes are designed and die cut to your own requirements, so you can choose the exact size you need.

We can offer a number of different types of printed boxes and cartons.

All with various thicknesses and print finishes.

For example, pillow boxes are a convenient, elegant packaging option for small gift items.

They store flat and easily pop into shape, with elliptical end closures and a curved, pillow shape.

These small cardboard boxes are perfect packaging for small items like jewellery, ties, cosmetics and soaps.

We also digitally print presentation boxes that can be used for bottles and presenting corporate gifts.

Printed Bags

Our most popular style remains the traditional polythene carrier bag.

Most commonly used in retail environments, we offer a range of thicknesses and styles.

The standard film option is 50 micron, thicker films option of 63 micron and 75 micron are also available for heavier duty applications.

Printed bags come in white, clear, frosted or coloured polythene and can be printed in up to eight colours.

Available in a wide variety of sizes, all our polythene carrier bags can now be supplied in degradable film upon customer request.

We also offer ‘Print-On-Demand’ Boutique Bags which are a fantastic marketing tool and available in very small order quantities.

These are based upon digitally printed card inserts.

These high capacity bags feature strong rope handles, allowing you to carry around contents for all kinds of events and promotions.

You can easily carry around any products, such as books, folders, magazines, prizes, give aways, promotional items and more.

They are an ideal product for new store openings, promotional give aways, event promotions, school and university welcome kits, promotional campaigns and more.

They are also a possible solution for those planning their conference printing or an exhibition.

Printed Labels and Tags

Our digital labels are available in a wide range of sizes.

Digital printing of labels is now possible with a wide range of speciality materials for all sorts of applications.

They are perfect for attaching to company products, envelopes, packaging, parcels and company literature for a personalised touch.

Labels and tags can now be printed on a wide range of materials for either internal and external use.

Digitally Printed Swing Tickets and Tags

Should you require a small quantity of tags printed we now have the facilities to print digitally.

Prices from 500 to 2000 tags are extreamly competitive and the print quality is excellent.

For example, 1000 85 x 55mm tags printed full colour on one side with a brass eyelet and string  on a 250gsm card would cost just over £100.

It would be a similar cost for 2000 120 x 60mm white pulp card tags printed just one colour front with a paper washer.

For some retailers we have printed very small quantities of tags and drilled holes and added coloured string or ribbon to match.

Printed Packaging Tape

Adhesive tape printed with a logo or message is another effective way to advertise and promote your brand.

We can print your logo or message onto high quality vinyl, polypropylene and paper packaging tape.

You will be amazed at the print finish on the latest range of  ‘photo quality’ printed tapes.

A heavy duty tape with a matt finish and a silent unwind is available in widths of 50mm or 75mm, printed in up to 6 colours.

Cost depends on quantity, size of tape and number of colours but can be very cost-effective for most users.

White paper packaging (masking) tape is also now available and we can also print on non-adhesive barrier tape.

Printed Wrapping Paper

Gift packaging is also a great branding opportunity.

We can print high quality wrapping paper that comes folded for easy transportation.

The minimum quantity of just 25 B2+ sheets (500mm x 720mm).

Prices start at just £50 plus VAT to qualify for free delivery – which is within the budget for most businesses.

Our most popular greeting products in the range is printed on a 115gsm Silk finish paper and then 1/4 folded.

This popular digitally printed paper is ideal for sending a personalised or corporate gift.

So whether you need a short run or large quantity we have the perfect printing solution for you.

Printed Tissue Paper & Ribbons

Tissue paper is another great way to complement printed packaging materials for retailers.

If you need to wrap breakable items tissue paper can protect the products.

It may be cheaper than you think to provide high quality bespoke tissue paper printed with your own custom design.

Tissue paper can be supplied as either wrapped reams of single sheets or can be supplied on rolls.

You can even add a little elegance, fun, and flair to your gift wrapping or packaging with printed ribbon.

Used in combination with other branded packaging, printed ribbon can add a great finishing touch.

The minimum order quantity is 91 metres which equates to just one roll of ribbon.

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