Printed point-of-sales materials

Printed point of sales materials

Purchasing decisions are sometimes taken in seconds – which is why having good printed point-of-sales materials are so important.

Printed point-of-sales materials (POS display) are a specialised form of sales promotion  found near, on, or next to a till or counter.

They are usually – but not solely found in a retail environment.

Point-of-sale (POS) marketing is one of the most successful and widely used forms of marketing communication.

It increases brand awareness and builds brand loyalty by  reaching the target audience very effectively.

POS marketing often produces great results as an impulse-buy.

Attractive, well organized, strategically placed printed point-of-sales materials often get buyers’ attention at just the right time.

We offer a wide range of options and with digital printing – even small companies can now compete with their larger competitors.

High quality printed point-of-sales materials can now be ordered online with no minimum quantity and with fast delivery,

Examples of Printed Point-of-Sales Materials

Printed point-of-sales materials are found in a wide range of retail outlets – from petrol stations to hairdressers.

These displays can add substantially to sales volume and profitability – which is why distributors and retailers find them so important.

There tends to be a lot of wasted floor-space, wall-space and desk-space around counters.

Printed point-of-sales materials help to utilise these areas and highlight special products and offers.

We can supply display stands to suit a large number of applications.

They can be plain or covered with your company brand.

They are  all intended to be easy to refill.

Some displays are more permanent and may include lighting to make the display more visible and appealing

Some are no more than a metal basket simply having a protruding price label.

These types of dump bins or display are basic but very effective.

Wobblers, free standing display units are other forms of popular printed point-of-sales materials.

We offer free help and guidance to find the printed point-of-sales materials most suitable for your business.

Our graphic design services are available to make sure they are easier to order and there is less risk of any artwork errors.

Leaflet Dispensers

Having easily accessible leaflet dispensers is a great way to put your marketing literature in a prominent position.

We can provide plain acrylic leaflet dispensers or bespoke printed leaflet dispensers.

Some are floor standing and others to be mounted on a flat surface.

Cardboard dump bins, fabric display stands and leaflet dispensers are easy to order and distribute.

The cardboard is laser cut and delivered flat packed with interlocking sections for easy assembly.

With the graphic design included –  the unit cost for an A5 leaflet dispenser is about £4 if you order a quantity of 100.

The clear Perspex or acrylic leaflet dispensers are another option.

They are fairly robust and  you simply insert a printed card.

These are also ideal as table-top menus and are easily updated.

The only problem is there is more likelihood that they “disappear” if left unattended!

Business Card Holders

Your business cards should be showcased where there is any passing trade.

Notice how supermarkets and motorway service stations take advantage of spare wall space for tradesmen to display their business card.

A simple acrylic business card holder on a trade counter can pay for itself many times over – as long as you remember to keep stocking it up!

Counter Mats or Mouse-Mats

One of the most effective forms of printed point-of-sales materials is the printed counter mat or mouse-mat.

They are practical, very cost-effective and keep your business name and branding in front of clients each and every day.

You can order quickly and conveniently through our online digital print shop.

We can produce high quality A4 desk mats that double up as mouse-mats or A3 Counter Desk mats by inserting a printed card.

The mats can be left unsealed if you wish to update or refresh them or they can be sealed for a permanent display.

Strut Cards and Counter Display Boards

Our self-standing printed strut cards or show cards are the ideal solution for point of sale displays or counter advertising.

These low cost poster boards are printed in full colour and mounted to 2mm thick cardboard with a rudder strut attached to the reverse side.

Simply fold out the strut lock in place an place on a counter or on an exhibition table or stand.

Lamination (either matt or gloss) will add to the life of the strut card and make the colours more vibrant.

You can choose from A3, A4 or A5 printed strut cards.

Printed Coasters

We supply a range of printed coasters and beer mats – in a range of quantities.

There are few better ways to have your branding in front of prospective and existing clients for most of the day!

During the Referendum JD Wetherspoon printed 200,000 and they proved to be an effective method of communication!

One of the most successful direct mail campaigns we organised was sending out a coaster, then a mug and finally a coffee sachet with a request for an appointment!

Contact us for a bespoke quotation for any printed point-of-sales materials or call free on 0800 0346 007 for free advice and assistance.

Free advice and assistance on your printed point-of-sales materials

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