Printed Presentation Folders

Promotional Print Presentation Folders

First impressions are important, and that is why so many companies choose to order printed presentation folders.

Smaller companies are sometimes at a disadvantage when competing with larger businesses.

Having bespoke printed presentation folders is one way in which they can look just as good.

Whenever submitting a quotation, tender or important information it is vital to keep a number of items all together.

For example, printed presentation folders are a great way to contain a specification sheet, a leaflet, a brochure and a business card.

Printed presentation folders can be ordered in a range of spine sizes.

They have pockets and slits for enclosing all the documents and cards.

They are also popular for companies exhibiting at a conference or running a training course.

Traditionally Printed Ring Bound Folders

Printed presentation folders

We can print ring binders with different sized rings – either directly onto the front, back or spine.

A lower cost and more flexible option is to have plastic sleeves and then print the inserts.

These are ideal for holding training course materials and can be personalised to each recipient with variable data printing.

Traditionally Printed Presentation Folders

A typical printed presentation folder has interlocking or glued flaps for the insertions.

They are usually printed on one or both sides and could be printed with a wide range of specialist print finishes.

The most popular finishes include a gloss or matt laminated seal, a spot UV varnish, or some form of embossing or foil blocking.

The size of the pockets could be standard or shaped and die-cut to almost any size and design.

Any bespoke pockets would usually involve creating a “cutting tool” to cut and crease the card to the desired shape or design – and this would incur extra cost.

Due to the size of the printed sheet and the set-up costs they were only economical if ordered in large quantities because they needed to printed on larger presses.

They also took quite a long time for delivery.

The commercial printers usually had print schedules and were not able to offer fast delivery.

Not many clients could get delivery within ten working days.

However, for the larger businesses this was not often a problem.

The quality is good and they met both the practical and corporate image objectives.

The majority are printed on a thick 400gsm board, although some economical options are printed on a 250gsm card.

There is usually a minimum order quantity of 500 or 1000.

Which could require a fair amount of spare storage space if they are “made up”.

Even our litho production online print service requires a minimum “run” of 250 printed presentation folders.

And for many small businesses this would keep them going for quite a few years!

So what is the alternative for the smaller business?

Digitally Printed Presentation Folders

Digitally printed presentation folders

Digital printing has created a new option.

Offering most of the same benefits without the need to order large quantities.

The minimum quantity is now just to have one printed presentation folder if necessary!

The digitally printed folders could even be personalised to each recipient with variable data software.

And they could be produced within 24 hours.

They main difference was they typically use self-adhesive pockets for inserting extra documents or business cards.

There are even options for self-adhesive pockets that accommodate  a CD or USB drive.

Digitally printed presentation folders can now be ordered easily online starting with a minimum quantity of just 10 folders.

They can also be printed either single or double-sided with a choice of either matt or gloss lamination.

They can be printed to accommodate either oversized A4 or A5 contents.

Digitally printed presentation folders open up a whole range of opportunities and applications for the smaller business.

Some customers have even used them to contain Contracts of Employment and Maintenance Service Agreements.

Free Guidance and Advice

At Direct2print we can advise you on the best alternatives for ordering printed presentation folders for your business.

A fully branded and customised printed presentation folder can work wonders for your business.

And this does not depend on the size of company, the number you need to order nor upon the special image you wish to project.

Call our Customer Services on 0800 0346 007 for assistance or complete our online print quote form for a bespoke price.

When creating artwork for digitally printed presentation folders use our SRA3 template for guidance for A4 sized contents.

Use the SRA4 template for the artwork for digitally printed folders for A5 sized contents.

Online Printing Specialist

Contact Chris Jepson for any help or tips on the best options for your printed presentation folders



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