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Printed Promotional Gifts - USB flash drives

Printed promotional gifts are defined as anything that you can add your company name or logo which would enhance the awareness of your business.

Keeping your name in front of clients and prospective customers is just one of the benefits of investing in printed promotional gifts.

Promotional products can be used in so many ways; for example order them
• to say thank you to customers or staff
• to build brand awareness (internally or externally)
• to serve as a reminder of a tradeshow, event or exhibition
• to support the launch of a product, campaign or website
• to use as a “gift with purchase” to encourage sales or registrations
• to sell or to raise funds for a charity, team, a good cause or a project

Their effectiveness will depend upon

  1. Making them Audience Appropriate.  There is no point giving USB sticks to an athletic club when water bottles or training towels would be more appropriate.
  2. Making them Valued.  Constant usage will give your brand regular exposure.  Biro pens are low value and short life yet good quality pens are high value long life.  Your choice will depend on your investment objectives.
  3. Having Contact Details.  If there is room always have as many forms of contact details printed as possible – with a clear call to action.  At the same time – do not try to cram too much information in a very small area.
  4. Distributing at the Right Time.  Handing out ice scrapers would be better in the autumn than in the spring months! The secret of all effective promotional printing is good or opportunistic timing.

You are limited only by your imagination and with our No- Minimum website you no longer need to order large quantities.

Pad Printing

As a printing business we find that very few companies fail to appreciate receiving simple note pads or jotter pads.  We even use those that are given to us!

Printed jotter pads

Depending upon the quantity required these can be acquired online in the form of jotter pads from our digital online print shop.

Alternatively, note pads can also be purchased online by for larger quantities with a number of different cover and finishing options.

Printed Pens

The simple pen is still the most used item in most offices, factories or retail environments.

As a printed promotional gift there are few products more effective at gaining exposure for such a low unit cost.

For small quantities you can now order online and simply add your own artwork from our digital online print shop.

Try them out – and see if they work for you!

Printed Diaries, Desk & Wall Calendars

Having printed promotional gifts in front of clients fro twelve months of the year would be very pleasing to most of us.

Printed Promotional Gifts - Desk CalendarThese promotional printed gifts often compete for limited desk or wall space.

For many business or public body the desk or wall planner is an essential part of the office.

For those of us in the latter years of our working life’s – there is nothing quite as useful as a good desk diary.

The more suitable your printed promotional gifts are for the target market the more effective they are likely to be!

Other Popular Products

The products above are just a small selection from what is an enormous range of printed promotional gifts.

Here is a list of just ten other popular options that seem to work well for our many and diverse range of clients

  1. Printed mugs
  2. Printed umbrellas
  3. Printed travel accessories
  4. Printed golf products
  5. Printed coasters and beer mats
  6. Printed packaging for mints and sweets
  7. Printed tablet or mobile phone cases
  8. Printed earphones
  9. Printed car air fresheners
  10. Printed fridge magnets

We will look at these in more detail in a later blog and see how they can be applied in a range of businesses.

Printed promotional gifts that really work

One of the most effective campaigns for printed promotional gifts was for a car dealer.

They were used for a number of departments.

Printed key fobs were handed  out with sets of keys for each car sold, they were used for the car rental fleet and as part of a direct mail promotional scheme.

They were sent with a key attached inviting recipients to come and try the key in the door of a new range of car being launched.

The promotion lasted over a few months for maximum exposure.

The successful key owner had the chance to drive away with a new car!

Needless to say this promotion attracted a large number of keen visitors, wide publicity in local media and a general interest from targeted customers in the new car range.

The quality of your printed promotional gifts

Unlike traditional fast digital printing – printed promotional gifts can take a few weeks to get sorted.

Artwork must be provided in a way that enables us to reproduce it for alternative printing methods.

Ideally we work with EPS files.

If you want us to prepare artwork check out our graphic design page or our special online graphic design special offer.

Allow plenty of time for delivery.  Mistakes happen more often when things get rushed.

Remember the cricket mugs proclaiming Ashley Giles as the  “King of Spain” rather than the “King of Spin”.

Our printed promotional gifts are usually sourced from reliable suppliers within the UK.

Prices may be a little higher than sourcing direct from China or the Far East but we are usually able to give a guarantee – even with computer items.

And remember, if you give someone a coffee mug with your logo or message on it.

Every time the mug is used, washed and for the duration of each drink the mug is on display.

If the person drinks with visitors or colleagues, the exposure is extended to many others.

Custom Quotes for Printed Promotional Gifts

Contact Direct2Print for help and advice in planning a campaign of cost-effective printed promotional gifts by calling free on 0800 0346 007 or complete our online print quote form.

Free advice and assistance on your printed promotional gifts

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