Printing for Pubs, Cafes & Restaurants

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With food outlets proliferating we are seeing a surge in new printing orders for pubs, cafes & restaurants this year.

In this “Post-Brexit” economy, a higher proportion of our income is being spent on eating out.

Competition for our money is getting more intense from the many forms of food and hospitality outlet.

Most pubs have had to adapt and now depend on food sales to survive and even prosper.

Restaurants are also increasing in number and becoming more diverse in our multi-cultural society.

And nearly every High Street seems to be well represented with take-away food outlets and coffee shops.

The average Briton now spends an average of £110 per month on fast food and takeaways.

And coffee shops operate in a market now worth something like £8bn.

Despite the growth of online sales and services like JustEat most of these businesses need printing to promote their offerings.

And whilst we produce documents for the likes of McDonalds – sadly we are not of sufficient scale to print most of the items they use in their restaurants.

However, small food outlets can now offer something that can be almost as good!

Promotional Printing for Pubs, Cafes & Restaurants

Menu 5

Menus of many types seem to constitute the majority of promotional printing that passes through our letterboxes regularly.

Whether it’s a simple menu or leaflet – feel and visual appearance are important.

Everything now needs to be well-designed and printed.

The days of a typewritten sheet on white copier paper are surely over!

Doing your own design can also be a false economy – we have seen some terrible efforts that will do more harm than good!

If you do need help with design we can help with our own graphic design service.

And if you order printed menus online we even offer a fixed artwork cost of just £40 plus VAT.

Printing remains the most effective communication channel for food outlets –

  1. Printing is one of the first things that clients see and it is going to influence their opinion and expectations. Printing illustrates the food available and the pricing.

  2. Printing remains an essential ingredient behind any successful catering establishment’s marketing because it reinforces benefits better than digital media.
  3. Printing communicates promotions, special offers, hours of opening and most important of all – it can be easily targeted and distributed.

These reasons are often overlooked by many remain independent food outlets or “free houses“.

In order to compete with the chains and larger groups they need to look good and offer something different or better.

Printing for Pubs, Cafes & Restaurants gives a competitive edge but is important in many other areas of the business.

Functional Printing for Pubs, Cafes & Restaurants

Printing for Pubs, Cafes & Restaurants

Functional printing is needed to manage and control the day to day activities.

We customise all forms of printing for pubs, cafes & restaurants.

Our printing covers everything from posters to menus, table mats to coasters or beer mats, receipt pads to wine and beer bottle labels.

Tab cards allow customers within a party to order drinks as and when needed.

We created a “Thank You” wallet for presenting the bill that allowed the insertion of a business card, voucher and customer service questionnaire all in a compact format.


How about using our online mats for place mats with a wipe-clean surface and enclosing your own Menu?

Using special papers and cards we can co-ordinate all the printing to make it stand out – like for this Italian restaurant.

Printing for Pubs, Cafes & Restaurants

Using traditional Roman colours for a design and print project for an Italian Restaurant in Bridgnorth

We print seasonal promotional leaflets and menus – covering Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Easter and the Christmas and New Year period.

Customers can be contacted by postcards or by greetings card as a prompt to make a booking for a special event that is coming up.

Successful Coffee Shops make great use of Loyalty Cards – where regular customers can be rewarded for minimal extra cost.  They are usually no more than a double-sided business card.

Vouchers for a free drink or a bottle of wine can be used to encourage return visits – and are rarely thrown away!

Printed vouchers are often the size of a compliment slip and can be ordered easily online as such.

One of our regular customers sends a simple black & white printed double-sided newsletter to about 1000 customers a month as his sole form of marketing!

In fact, there aren’t many items that we have not produced as printing for pubs, cafes & restaurants.

If you want any help or advice contact us for a print quote or call free during normal business hours on 0800 0346 007.

Printing for Pubs, Cafes & Restaurants

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