Printing for the Leisure Sector

Printing for the Leisure Sector

One of the most important business areas for Direct2Print is digital printing for the leisure sector.

Gym membership is booming – particularly in the city areas.

An increasing amount of our time and our money is being spent on the activities we do away from the workplace.

Whether it is printed newsletters, rule books, programmes, certificates or promotional printing.

Printing for the leisure sector is now big business and a key part in the overall promotional or marketing mix to survive and prosper.

And like any business competition is intense.

Newsletter Printing for the Leisure Sector

When you have a group of people who join together for the purposes of relaxation, mutual interest or simply enjoyment – you need to communicate.

There are few better ways than by printing and sending a newsletter.

You don’t always have to go to the expense of full colour printing – mono printing can be a very cost-effective alternative.

We print a number of newsletters for Rambling Clubs, Health Clubs and even Church Groups just on white or coloured copy paper.

Newsletter Printing for the Leisure Sector

Check out our blog on printed newsletters.

There are some interesting hints and tips to make your newsletters more interesting and topical.

Voucher Printing for the Leisure Sector

Voucher Printing for the Leisure Sector

Vouchers are a great way to get people to join up or use as a special reward, gift or an incentive.

And they are easy to produce and print.

With digital printing you only need to order small quantities.

And with variable data printing they can be personalised to each individual recipient.

Postcard Printing for the Leisure Sector

Postcard Printing for the Leisure Sector

Postcards are a great way to communicate to members of a club or society.

As with vouchers they can be ordered online in small quantities and personalised to each recipient.

If you need large quantities you can also order online and even come with a range of laminating options.

Promotional Printing for the Leisure Sector

Label Printing for the Leisure Sector

Getting new members is essential.

And a large amount of the printing for the leisure sector involves promotional printing for flyers, leaflets, posters, roller banners and many other ways of trying to sell membership services and benefits.

We offer a special £40 fixed charge for graphic design with only digital online print orders – for either flyers or folded leaflets.

We can help with the direct mailing of members and supplying printed envelopes, printing, stuffing and sending everything out.

Other items of printing for the Leisure Sector

We have printed many more items for Clubs and Societies including:

  1. Rule Books
  2. Membership Books
  3. The Printing & Distribution of Minutes and Accounts
  4. Certificates
  5. Programmes
  6. Tickets & Invitations
  7. Banners
  8. Circular letters
  9. Greetings Cards
  10. Fixture Lists

From the Birmingham Chess Club Membership Books to providing Rule Books for the National Association of Ice Hockey in the UK – we have printed a wide variety of products.

One of the main issues is the VAT treatment for many of the organisations – some of which carry charitable status.

We have our own VAT guideline for easy reference.

With a  co-ordinated design and print programme organisations of all sizes can benefit from digital printing.

For free help and advice in either of these areas contact Direct2Print for an initial discussion without any obligation on 0800 0346 007.

Free advice and assistance on printing for the leisure sector.

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