Retail Printing

Retail Printing

Retail Printing

The retail printing market has been suffering for some time now.

Retailers are going through dramatic changes with many stores facing increasing cost pressures and the threat of online sales to survive.

Last week saw two more national retail chains go into administration with the loss of some 5,500 more jobs.

Many others are reporting trading losses and are struggling to survive.

Retailers are major clients for print companies.

Over the years our online document print service has provided work for national retailers like Marks & Spencer, McDonalds, Vision Express, and Tesco.

We even print nationally for independent retailers around the UK and some national charity shop chains like Oxfam.

And our local retailers have always been regular print customers.

So these retail printing trends are adding to our concerns for the future.

Print as part of the Marketing Mix

When it comes to retail stores, few things are as effective as print marketing.

This is especially true for local retailers competing against larger retailers with more commercial power.

The more competitors you have, the harder it is to stand out and get noticed.

Prnt is the ideal marketing medium.

The successful retailer has to grab attention fast and take every opportunity to attract a new customer and, hopefully, land a new sale.

So – whether we are talking about the local florist, hairdresser, vape shop – or the national chains – printers need to find new ways to help retailers survive and grow.

Typical Products supplied for Retail Printing

The 10 typical products we frequently supply include

  1. Posters
  2. Printed floormats
  3. Point of Sale display
  4. Price Tags & Price Lists
  5. Business Cards & Appointment Cards
  6. Stationery & Leaflets
  7. Pavement Signs
  8. Bags & Packaging
  9. Workwear & Uniforms
  10. Membership and Loyalty Cards

Retail Printing

1. Retail printing of posters and window displays

The shop window is a vital component of the retail marketing mix.

The display has to be attractive and catch the eye of people as they walk past.

We have produced many forms of window displays – but posters remain the most popular.

They are usually used to advertise a Sale or a Special Offer – often the bigger the better.

Our small posters are available online or larger sizes and have proved popular and very cost-effective form of retail printing.

2. Printed Floormats

As soon as a customer walks into a store print is used to start the selling process.

Everything in the range of site is valuable space to communicate.

So displays may hang from the ceilings or be attached to the wall – or even placed on the floor.

Printed floormats are a very effective form of retail printing.

And they protect floors at the same time!

3. Point of Sale Displays

The area in and around the till  is regarded as the most valuable space for point of sale display.

At a petrol station or in a supermarket this prime space is designed for impulse purchases like chocolates.

One of our customers provides A3 Deskmats that have proved to be a very good form of retail printing.

We also offer a range of leaflet dispensers, labels and even till receipts that can be good for customer communication.

4. Price Tags & Price Lists

We have provided printed price tags for virtually every type of retailer.

This year the range included price tags for butchers and furniture shops.

The small retailer often relies on the more basic form of price tags.

They do not require bar code scanners like major retailers.

For example, we have specialised in providing price tags for a local clothes retailer seeking printed price tags made out of recycled card.

Price Lists are also quite useful for certain retailers – from the simple single page A5 size through to multi-page catalogues.

5. Business Cards & Appointment Cards

Retailers should always have business cards next to a till.

They should also carry business cards with them – giving them out freely.

In some cases the business cards can double up as appointment cards.

This combination is ideal for hairdressers, opticians, dentists, beauty technicians and retailers that want to offer a follow up meeting.

They are also great for restaurants, hotels, photographers and  taxi services – even these days when people store their information on a mobile phone.

Business cards are the essential part of every company’s marketing mix and are easy to obtain online

6. The importance of stationery & leaflets in retail printing

Leaflets are a vital of the retail printing mix.

The great thing about leaflets or flyers is that they can usually be evaluated – and are usually far more cost-effective than advertising.

They can be targeted and with an offer code  can be evaluated relatively easily.

Retail printing also covers letterheads.  This part of printing is also important for retailers as it creates a critical first impression.

They let the person know the brand and the logo of the business before they’ve read the letter; therefore making the brand more memorable to others.

7. Pavement Signs

A print item that pays for itself many time over is the pavement sign.

Pavement signs attract passing traffic and footfall.

There are many different forms of pavement signs – some hold posters and others – like chalkboards can be changed by writing directly onto the sign.

They have various different forms of base for security and stability.

Forecourt flags serve the same purpose for larger retail outlets.

8. Bags & Packaging

Retailers have seen dramatic changes to their business packaging since the introduction of the 5p charge for carrier bags.

There has also been a switch away from plastic packaging and plastic bags.

In addition, one of the significant growth areas in printing is within the packaging sectors.

This has been boosted by the growth in online sales and also investment in branding that helps to give competitive advantage.

Presentation is very important these days.

9. Workwear & Uniforms

How staff present themselves to customers is another part of establishing the brand and corporate identity.

Retail leads the way in putting employees into uniforms or branded protective clothing.

Now even local retailers are following the lead taken by the national retail chains.

With small quantities offered by digital print there is no need to order large quantities.

You can have a handful of personalised T-shirts or sweatshirts for a very small investment.

10. Membership and Loyalty Cards

Many retailers opt for bulk printing rather than small, one-off printing jobs.

But plastic cards, vouchers, laminated cards and the like are becoming increasing personal with variable data printing.

Small quantities are now cost-effective.

Variable printing allows you to uniquely customise certain elements, taking advantage of the power of complex personalisation.


There are other retail printing products – contact us to discuss these or other ways to make your retail business survive and grow in this tough business environment.

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