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Urgent SameDay printing

Who Needs SameDay Printing?

Well – judging by our experiences a surprising number of our clients expect sameday printing.

And the majority are prepared to pay quite a premium cost.

It is estimated that 33% of all printing is soon to be required on the same working day.

In the modern business world – it seems everything has to be done quicker, better, easier and with fewer barriers.

And printing is no exception.

It is made worse because printing still often remains the very last consideration.

Usually after many days deliberating over the content and the design.

The Real Reason for the Growth in Digital Printing?

This is part of the reason for the dramatic growth of digital printing.

People quote the potential for variable data, environmental benefits, quality benefits and more.

But it is the demand for speed that has caused the dramatic growth in digital printing.

Part of this demand is serviced by your local “High Street” print and copy shop and part by the online print sector.

Our own digital printing service combines both a retail business centre with an online print service.

And we are probably the only company that offers a sameday printing service through both channels.

SameDay Online Printing

The online printing industry is highly competitive.

One of the biggest differentiators between competitors is the speed with which they can get their products to market.

When we launched our online document and digital print business in 2004 we offered a guaranteed delivery to any UK location within 6 working hours.

Our print system was based on the concept of working hours rather than quoting deliveries in days.

In over 10 years of online printing we can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times we have failed to meet this standard whenever requested.

And yet even today, very few of our online print competitors offer a similar delivery guarantee unless the client is within the boundaries of the M25 motorway.

And they require the order to be placed before a certain time – usually early in the morning!

However, there is no doubt that printers will follow the lead of the likes of Amazon and Argos and offer this ultra-fast service.

High Street SameDay Printing

Despite the decline of the High Street print and copy shop – there is no doubt that location is a key advantage for offering sameday printing.

We continue to get “passing trade” that urgently needs to get a document printed while they wait.

And we have been known to design and print a set of business cards for customer collection within the hour!

Combining an online file upload with a journey to the nearest print shop is a very difficult business model to match – especially for the European competitors.

In reality, arranging delivery for the following day is the more typical business model.

Our own online digital print service offers delivery within 48 hours for something like 90% of all printed products.

Our SameDay RUSH Printing Service

Same Day Printing 6 hour Rush Service

We still offer our 6 hour guaranteed delivery service but also stress our RUSH SameDay print service for document and digital printing.

There is no time when the order has to be placed – we will simply do whatever is necessary to get the job ready immediately.

And in the vast majority of cases that means a sameday printing service.

Whether that means the client collects, we deliver with our own vehicles or we use a courier – you can be sure of getting it completed quickly.

I am still amazed that so many of the larger print companies are incapable of amending schedules to offer this fast print service.

The Future of SameDay Printing

Offering a same day printing service is also something that many of the online print companies from abroad can not compete with.

Saying that there have been examples where they have acquired digital printing businesses to service the same day printing market.

The UK print businesses are having to step up their service to compete with the European online print specialists.

This has seen a number of mergers and joint ventures where consolidation results in better capability.

Those companies that offer 24 hour print production or even weekend working can have an advantage.

However, offering high quality SameDay or NextDay digital printing provides an opportunity for all.

Speed of service will allow the smallest of print businesses to compete with much larger organisations.

For more information on our RUSH SameDay print service call free on 0800 0346 007 during normal working hours.

Chris Jepson - MD of Direct2Print


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