Scanning & Archiving Documents

Scanning & Archiving Documents

In today’s digital world we seem no nearer to achieving the ultimate goal of a paperless office by scanning & archiving documents.

At Direct2Print we can offer a bespoke service for small and medium-sized companies.

We can deliver & collect documents and files within the West Midlands printing area and even arrange shredding and off-site storage .

The service is totally flexible and you can have as much or as little as you want.

You can bring in files to our bureau or we can offer a total package.

Select a particular document – perhaps a training manual, health & safety manual, price list, or old correspondence files – and we will show you how easy it is.

You will save space, save money, improve efficiency by scanning & archiving documents.

Sometimes the cost savings are substantial.

The Hidden Costs of Scanning & Archiving Documents

Something like 90% of all important business documents are stored on paper.

It costs an average of £12 in labour costs alone to file each document and 3.1 hours per week is spent on file administration and file retrieval.

By scanning & archiving documents you would replace rows and rows of lever arch files with a single digital storage device or “cloud storage”.

Calculate your annual rent and rates to determine the cost per square foot of your existing storage space.

Combine the cost of labour and saved storage space and you can see the magnitude of savings that could be made.

The Benefits of Scanning & Archiving Documents

You will improve the workflow of your business and the efficiency of your data storage.

Your documents would also be easy to modify.

So price lists and catalogues can quickly be updated and printed on-Demand.

Something like 31% of all retrieved files only require these minor modifications.

At the same time, some 19% of all files are re-used without any modification.

They can be accessed and emailed to any recipient around the world in a matter of seconds.

Each page is usually saved in PDF format – which can be opened on any computer or operating system.

These pages could be encrypted or secured by password if they are intended to be left without modification.

Otherwise, with the full PDF creating software they could be amended by the recipient.

Alternatively the documents can be scanned and edited using OCR software if any significant changes are to be made.

Will it improve efficiency and productivity?

In a recent report by AIIM, Moving Your Business from Paper to PC’s to Tablets, 52% of the AIIM community consider that administrative staff in their organisation would be a third or more productive.

Even the smallest business can benefit from –

  • No requirement to keep paper copies of documents – electronically archiving documents reducing the risk of losing important papers, whilst also saving on space and money.
  • Instant access to corporate information – having electronic documents allowing access to files instantly, without the need to waste time searching in filing cabinets.
  • Faster response to queries – quick access to documents allows businesses to respond to queries faster. This will help to build better relationships with suppliers.
  • Seamless integration with back end business systems – giving users the ability to search and retrieve directly from other business platforms e.g. ERP and CRM.
  • Print or email copy documents on demand – with this digital access to electronic documents you will be able to send or print documents as and when needed.
  • Audit trails for every document– all activities relating to documents, such as views, prints, forward can be noted. Documents cannot be removed from the system from an unauthorised individual or before the legal amount of time has passed.  This provides a complete and secure audit trail.

With benefits such as these, any business can achieve an office with less paper, reduced storage costs and improved business process.

In summary, you will improve administrative efficiency by scanning & archiving documents.

So if you haven’t thought about electronically archiving your documents yet, then consider what the above benefits could do for you and your business now and in the future.

We also could incorporate our digital asset management service to help control the visual identity of the business.

By scanning & archiving documents you can help to improve the productivity and efficiency, as well as improving business relationships with suppliers and buyers.

If you want to discuss this service call us on 01384 376640 or contact us through our website.

Free advice and assistance on scanning & archiving documents

Free advice and assistance on scanning & archiving documents


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