Seasonal Printing

Seasonal Printing

One of the easiest ways to create a Marketing Plan for your business is to base it upon a framework of seasonal printing.

Spring, summer, winter and fall are more than just seasons, they’re opportunities for businesses to thrive.

With each season comes unique holidays, events and activities.

Businesses must pay close attention to this behaviour in order to plan promotional campaigns.

For example, promoting seasonal printing products that are used during that time of year.

Every season holds a large amount of holiday and weather opportunities.

Sending out a Gift Card, Voucher, Leaflet or Newsletter to match the season could provide a structure to your marketing communications.

What do we mean by seasonal printing?

The most beneficial season isn’t the same for every business.

While this ultimately depends on the type of business, creative marketers can make every season work, even if it’s a small amount.

There are numerous opportunities in each season.

It’s easy for marketers to research and decide on the ones that align best with their business.

Sometimes seasonal printing covers all your marketing activity and spreads across more than one season.

We get our first Christmas card and diary catalogues in the first week of June.

We have been known to take Christmas orders during the early summer months.

Your seasonal printing could cover a multitude of printed products – such as menus, large format posters or any other item!

Key Dates for Seasonal Printing

If you have no particular strong seasonal demands – use some key dates to create a promotional plan.

A list of key dates is the first step to create some effective seasonal printing ideas.

It can be as long and comprehensive as you require.

Eventually, you should edit and create your own relevant list.

Here are some of the main holidays, events and themes to get you thinking.

  • Valentine’s Day
  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Easter
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Autumn
  • Halloween
  • Bonfire Night
  • Christmas

Now prepare campaigns around these key dates or the seasons in general.

Spring Seasonal Printing Campaigns

Many view springtime as a fresh start, and so should marketers.

It’s advised to “spring clean” and refine the marketing strategy every so often, so why not do it in the spring?

Get rid of the old tactics that no longer work and bring in some new and innovative ones.

After all, there are a great deal of holidays, events and themes that are relevant to this time of year.

Now’s the time to get promoting following the quieter months after the Christmas break.

We can help you by producing marketing materials which tie into seasonal events.

There may be some particular event that relates to your target market?

For spring’s events and themes, how about considering –

  • An Easter Social Media Game: Post a photo of jellybeans in a jar and have followers guess how many jelly beans are in the jar for a chance to win a prize of your choice. Creating engagement through a fun social media game is simple but very beneficial!
  • St Patrick’s Day:  A special Irish themed evening for your pub or restaurant?
  • April Fools’ Day: Create a prank blog or posting on your social media pages.  For example, Windex created a prank advert claiming they added actual sparkles to the product to make windows literally sparkle. You never know – it might go viral!

Our own first seasonal printing promotions centre around Valentine’s Day.

See our next Blog on our special themed seasonal printing offer!

There are opportunities in abundance for restaurants, bars, florists, jewellers, beauty therapists – in fact – for most small businesses!

Summer Seasonal Printing Campaigns

While not as holiday heavy as the spring, the summer holds numerous marketing opportunities.

Marketers can give thanks to the weather, and the many things that are top-of-mind when the summertime arrives, such as the sunshine and outdoors.

Look at ways to market outdoors, such as at summer events, because that’s where people will be.

If available, don’t forget to utilise the outside of your premises.

Advertise sales with fun chalk designs on the pavement or by setting up a tent outside to display your products or services to those walking by.

How about American Independence Day using the seasonal printing offers and the American colours of red, white and blue.

Be sure to take photos and maximise social media reach.

Autumn Seasonal Printing Campaigns

While the autumn isn’t exactly the start of the new year, people tend to treat it that way.

This is because the enjoyment of summer is coming to a close, and for those still in their school years, a new school year is beginning.

Education printing is concentrated at this time of the year – with new prospectus’s, awards evenings and many other events that require seasonal printing.

Use the changes in the weather, the colour of the leaves and the activities that many take part in during this time of year in your seasonal printing designs.

There is the build up to Black Friday & Cyber Monday and that other American import Halloween.

Winter Seasonal Printing Campaigns

We’re all familiar with the heavy marketing that comes with the winter season and the build up to Christmas.

In our case Christmas Printing covers all forms of diaries, planners, calendars and Christmas cards.

The challenge is to create a new marketing twist and incorporate it into your plans and seasonal printing campaigns.

Seasonal Printing All Year Round from Direct2Print

At Direct2Print we offer a seasonal printing service all year round!

There are many occasions when a well thought out and a beautifully printed item can really make you stand out from the competition.

Effective seasonal printing keeps your product or service in front of your customers every day.

Remember, the seasons come and go but one thing that remains constant is our need to market to our customers all year round.

With this in mind, if you are looking for a really good seasonal printing package give me a call on 0800 0346 007 on any day of the year!


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