Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

It is not just the large organisations or technology companies that use social media marketing to win business.

Smaller companies and tradesmen are finding that social media marketing can work just as well for them.

The facts and figures become more convincing each year.

Why Social Media marketing Is Important For The Small Business…

Social media marketing is a huge factor for all small businesses when it comes to marketing their products and services online.

Businesses with no social media marketing activity may find that they are slipping down the Google rankings and struggling to keep up with their competition.

Social media marketing can help to create and build a professional brand image for your small business.

And it gives you plenty of opportunity to engage and bond with your customers and target audience.

Social Media Marketing Drives Traffic to Your Website…

Social media can help generate clicks to your site in many different ways.

You can include links to blogs or webpages, or even simple call-to-actions in your content to drive targeted traffic to your site.

By including specific keywords and hashtags, you can make sure you attract the correct audience group.

This means you’ll more than likely find that people who are engaging with your posts are interested in your business.

Social Media Marketing Boosts Your SEO…

A search engine will rank your website higher if more traffic is being diverted to it.

You will get credit for being seen as an online and active web page – and the more popular you are, the higher you’ll be ranked.

Google will rank your site higher if you’re posting content on social networks such as Google+ or YouTube.

This is because Google owns them, so will rate your business higher if you’re brand name is found on them.

The other main social media platforms today are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Each have their own particular strengths and benefits and should form the framework for any social media marketing strategy.

Although there are many more social media platforms that are worth considering.

The more your brand appears on these sites, the more effective your social media marketing will become.

Social Media Marketing Builds Relationships…

A huge part of social media marketing is interacting with your customer base.

This means reading their own updates to get an insight into their daily lives.

Once you know what’s popular, you can repeat similar content to attract attention of others.

You will look interesting to new audience’s too – especially the younger generation of buyers.

By seeing what posts they like to share, you can get an idea of where to look for your content in the future.

Building relationships and engaging with your audience also means asking for a response.

What outcome would you like from reading your content?

Would you prefer it to get shared or would you prefer clicks to your site?

Responding to mentions or direct messages on social media is very important.

It will give your business image some personality and make your audience feel comfortable to ask more questions.

Social Media Marketing Builds Customer Loyalty

Businesses with active social media marketing profiles tend to have more loyal customers.

When you engage with your audience and interact on social media, you become less like a corporation and more like a person.

Brand loyalty is essential even for the tradesman or small businesses.

Social media marketing allows your customers to engage with the content you post and give you valuable feedback.

Gaining positive feedback and reviews through social media marketing can be a major sales tool.

And it all helps to make your business look professional and trustworthy.

Social Media Marketing Helps Keeping Up With Competition

Almost every business should use at least one social media platform.

Posting case studies, photographs of work undertaken or links to interesting information.

The opportunities are endless.

If you’re active and engaging with your target audience on a variety of networks, you will gain more followers.

This helps you gain competitive advantage in your local market.

You should aim to be the business that people interested in your product or services come to first for help and advice.

This means you should provide reliable information and build up trust over a period of time.

If you want to get lots of traffic and really increase your sales online, you’re going to have to outwit, out-network and out-write your competition.

Social Media Marketing Produces Higher Amount of Sales

A huge percentage of businesses tend to acquire new customers through social media marketing.

This is because it influences people when making purchasing decisions.

Social media marketing doesn’t just keep your company’s name in front of potential buyers.

It also gives you the opportunity to constantly give them incentives to buy.

You can find people who are looking for the products you sell and direct them to your site.

What if I have no Social Media Marketing Skills?.

At Direct2Print we can give you a helping hand and save you a great deal of time and effort.

We offer three social media marketing packages – a bronze, silver and gold package.

Each option is tailored to meet your own objectives at a very competitive cost.

Social media marketing is now affordable for even the smallest business.

Have a look at our social media page for small business for help and advice on taking your next step.

Alternatively, contact us today to discuss the best options for you.


Social media marketing


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