Our free graphic design support and offersArtwork & Design Support

We are here to support you with your artwork and design.

To save time and disappointment it is important that your artwork is prepared and submitted in the correct format.

In particular this applies to converting files to CMYK for process colour printing, checking that the resolution of images are appropriate, and saving your files in a print-ready PDF format.

Use our Digital or Litho Print Guidelines for easy reference.

We can offer further practical help and support in any of these areas if you need it.

See our free Online Print Templates and access our free hints and tips for digital printingTips & Templates Support

An incorrect layout is one of the main causes of print problems.

It would be advisable to refer to our downloadable templates for guidance on any products that require “bleed” or printing that needs to be folded.

Please contact us for any other support issues either by email, Freephone or our Contact Us form prior to placing your order.

Remember, we also offer a very cost-effective artwork and design service that will save you time so you can impress without the stress!

Image showing all the common UK Paper Sizes Paper Sizes

Your paper sizes often determine the cost and best method of print production.

If you do not print or bind to standard “A” sizes the cost of the printing would normally increase to reflect the paper wastage and increased set-up time.

Remember to check your paper sizes are set up correctly in your Property settings before saving the file.

If these are different to the size you want printed or you want us to “scale to fit” notify us at time of order.

Refer to our guide to paper sizes.

Useful Printing Links for our digital and document printing customersUseful Links

Links seem to have disappeared from most websites these days but we feel they can point you in the right direction for extra support.

Here are a number of useful websites

Link below to a downloadable Adobe PDF file reader. 
If you need to be able to read PDF files.

Links below to Free downloadable PDF Creators. 
If you need to be able to create PDF files.

Link below to Microsoft templates for Word & PowerPoint to help you create your own, flyers, presentations, newsletters, forms etc.

Links below are to Free file sending services for large files (usually 10MB or more) which may be too large to send as an attachment over the Internet.

Links below for further clarification on VAT related to printed products.

Link below to our other e-commerce sites

Link below to some associated print businesses around the UK we work with