The Importance of Document Scanning

The Importance of Document Scanning

Do You Now Realise The Importance of Document Scanning?

In today’s modern working environment, saturated with information, businesses have many new risks.

The risk of our dependency on computers has been shown by the failure of British Airways IT systems over the last Bank Holiday weekend.

The threat of computer virus attacks is also  growing all the time.

Prevention is the first priority – back up is the second priority.

This means digitally archiving all important documents has become a matter of urgency.

There are many reasons why traditional file management is simply not viable in today’s businesses.

And the recent  “ransomware attacks” have given a wake up call for organisations of every size.

The threat of losing vital information is bad enough even without paying a bitcoin ransom!


So, security has become the number one priority in evaluating the importance of document scanning.

It has brought home the value of data and information.

This has resulted on a complete rethink on the importance of document scanning.

For no other reason – every business should increase the priority of a scanning and archiving to protect their assets.

The risks of all forms of business disruption should make this a priority even for the small business.

Remember there are still also the risks of fire, flooding, theft and vandalism.

How much disruption would be caused if you did not have access to back-up digital information?

The answer is probably that your business would suffer a major financial loss and it could even result in closure.

Cost Savings

Perhaps the second reason is that businesses choose to digitally archive information for the money that can be saved.

SME’s tend to save a large amount of money maintaining document records.

This is highlighted in the cost of ink refills, paper and printers, and is especially apparent in larger companies.

Scanners can significantly reduce expenses.

In addition, it is usually easier to digitally search for important documents than to manually search for documents.

We may be decades away from the paperless office  – so cost savings can be substantial and for the long term.

Reduction of Storage Space

By reducing storage space you are also saving money.

Office space costs money – particularly in town and city centres.

Online portals can contribute significantly to the reduction in storage space by offering efficient file management.

Once the documents have been scanned they can be stored on protected networks.

This should help to reduce paper and general waste around the office.

The days of filing cabinets may be at an end!

Off-Site Storage Options

There are numerous options when it comes to document management.

Specialist OCR software is used to scan and store before the originals are stored or shredded.

The data is secured on heavily protected “servers” or in the “Cloud”.

It may mean transporting paper documents to special storage areas on disused airfields or warehouses in the countryside.

A whole new range of businesses have been created to cater for this demand.

These warehouses have 24 hour access, CCTV as well as fire-proofing buildings and storage containers.

Paper Trail

When we look into the importance of document scanning we can also see that even the smallest business can save some serious money and time.

How much time do you spend searching for things?  – I spend more than the average of 10 minutes a day!

Some claim this costs businesses many hundreds of pounds for each employee.

Some estimates also calculate that the cost of creating documents represents some 10% of total business costs.

Smaller businesses may have the capability to manage their documents in a single filing cabinet, but most large companies cannot.

It is important to keep a paper trail for certain items – but it is better if a digital scanning and archiving system works in tandem.

By opting to digitally scan and archive this appointment won’t be necessary unless you work in the largest organisations or businesses that require fast, reliable access to the paper trail.

Efficiency and Convenience

Digital document storage has the benefit of being highly efficient.

Document upload and retrieval can be completed with ease.

This is especially important when dealing with sensitive data.

Any growing business should be organised in their document storage and retrieval.

Digital archiving offers a more unified system – one which is friendly and efficient.

Digital Asset Management

Transferring documents between different departments and offices is more streamlined.

Accessed online, detailed documentation or large files such as brochures and videos can be accessed with ease.

This is known as Digital Asset Management .

We offer a really comprehensive service to the smaller business to protect their brand and corporate identity as well as important documentation.

So, whether you want a basic document scanning service or digital asset management we should be able to help!

We Have Solutions For You

If you haven’t considered the importance of document scanning and how it can benefit your business, perhaps now’s the time.

Indeed, digital document scanning and archiving shouldn’t even require document storage space except for the most important information.

See our next blog on ways we can help the smaller business in the Worcestershire and West Midlands area.

If you are outside our geographical catchment area for free delivery and collection we can arrange for one of our partner companies to give you a quotation.

Contact us if you need any more information on 0800 0346 007 during normal business hours.


The Importance of Document Scanning


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