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Training Manual Printing

Direct2Print specialise in providing a fast, high quality training manual printing service.

This is supplemented by the printing of all accompanying document printing, forms and other materials for your training course.

Digital printing is ideal because you can order any quantity and get them delivered very quickly to any destination.

There are a number of printing, finishing and binding options that can be provided to suit your needs and your budget.

Remember that your training manuals are important documents that often need to be referred to from time to time.

Professional training manual printing can make all the difference to the success and effectiveness of your training.

What we offer our customers is good advice and practical solutions to maximise your investment.

Direct2Print can help in any of the key production areas from design through to distribution:-

Good Training Manual Design

Well-designed training manuals can make all the difference.

Use a clear typeface and make maximum use of colour and white space in your designs.

Visual presentation is also very important.

Always try and include illustrations (graphs, flow charts, tables, pictures, info-grams etc.) that are in proportion and proximity to relevant text.

The layout of the page should guide the eye of the reader with a logical flow and help to maximise their retention of the information.

PowerPoint is often the software of choice because it is easy to create your own slides and notes – but our graphic designers can sometimes make things look even better and clearer.

We can print from your own files or combine them with our in-house design service to add extra images, visuals or graphics.

Clear Concise Content

Write in plain English and try to avoid any unnecessary technical terms.

Use the active voice as it is more concise.

Keep sentences short and try to use numbering or bullet points.

Always check spelling and grammar before going to print.

Be consistent in the use of terminology, tone and style of writing.

High Quality Paper Selection and Protection

There are many different types and qualities of paper for your training manual printing and we can help make the right choice.

Our basic 80gsm paper is usually sufficient for the majority of bound documents used for training purposes.

In certain cases individual pages can be laminated or printed on tear-proof paper for extra protection if the manuals are to be used outdoors or have a heavy usage.

How long would the catalogues on display in an Argos store last if they didn’t have the laminate finish to protect them?

Training Manual Printing

We print in both colour and mono using either digital or litho print methods.

Colour always helps with the retention of information in a training environment – although there is an extra cost to produce.

However, the cost of the training manual printing is often a fraction of the cost of the course attendance and often adds value to the effectiveness of the training programme.

Training Manual Binding

Training manual printing

The most popular form of binding for training manuals is the Ring Binder – usually with either a 2 hole or 4 hole D mechanism.

This allows easy insertion of notes and papers during the training course and is easy to keep updated after the event.

The course materials are then supplied already punched or drilled and can even be stapled into sets when necessary.

Tab Dividers can be supplied to keep the contents into logical sections.

Both the ring binders and the tabs can also be customised if necessary to add a professional touch.

We can add other extras such as self-adhesive pockets to hold CD’s or a USB stick, business cards or any other loose items associated with the course.

The other common forms of binding include wire binding and plastic comb binding – also known as spiral binding.

The documents can be provided with a choice of colours for the wires or combs to match the covers and with clear or frosted acetate protectors on the front and/or the back.

Both these methods allow the content to lie completely flat on the desk or table for easy usage.

Packaging and Distribution

We collate, package and can distribute the manuals to destinations around the world.

In the last year we have sent printed training manuals to Europe, South America and North America and even worked with printing companies in other continents.

Printing of other training materials

Some other printed items for training materials can be obtained online – for example:-

  1. Programmes – usually just black and white printed to one or two sides on basic 80gsm paper
  2. Session Handouts – can be printed and given out after a particular session either in colour or black and white.
  3. Notepads – ideal for jotting your own notes and even adding to the ring binder.
  4. Certificates – as a way of confirming someone has attended the course or possibly passed an examination or test related to the course.

When you work with Direct2Print you will be able to have training manual printing that will reflect your business or brand in the best way possible.

For a bespoke quotation complete the quote form and we will out a great package together for you.